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Friday, July 12, 2024
YOU ARE AT:ArchiveBiamp's brand story is reflected in its expanded ISE 2020 presence

Biamp’s brand story is reflected in its expanded ISE 2020 presence

Matt Scott is in the main Biamp booth with Joe Andrulis to talk about the company’s expanding brand story.

In the past year Biamp has acquired several companies, including Audioprof, Apart Audio, and most recently, Italy’s HRT SRL that has expanded the company’s ISE real estate — which Andrulis says is an effort to get all of those brand stories out there.

What Biamp has done to retain old clients and often gain new ones in some of these new brand areas is to demonstrate a dual commitment, says Andrulis.

“We remain committed to providing best of class components,” Andrulis says. “But at the same we want to show them that we also give them a Biamp option. So if it is a real high priority  for simplicity of integration or having a single vendor so that they have simpler support, that Biamp is a great partner as well. In doing so we’re hoping to gain the credibility in some of these new market spaces and essentially fight for a position.” 

Andrulis also acknowledges that it has been a challenge to bring Biamp’s base along as the company continues to acquire more companies and expand the brand. “It is not an instaneous thing,” he says.

He continues, “In some of these markets we have to earn our stripes. Part of the reason why we have gone the path of acquisition in some of these new markets is we wanted to speed that up a little bit, by saying, Community Loudspeaker for instance,  very well respected and demanding in outdoor applications, so we inherit that credibility in acquiring them. And we try to attach some of our other offerings that maybe some of the customers who bought that are familiar with and they trusted the Community line — if we can pull them all together they are going to be receptive to us pitching that solution.”

Scott and Andrulis also discuss Biamp’s corporate offerings, including the debut of Tesira Connect with Dante support and two new touch-enabled keypads for environment control. 

Biamp is at ISE 2020 on Booth 3-B90.


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