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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Controlling sources independently with Biamp’s Prezone 2 at ISE 2020

Matt Scott joins Biamp’s Joe Andrulis in the Biamp Annex to discuss the company’s new Prezone 2 preamplifier.

The Biamp Annex is a consequence of the company’s acquisition of AudioProf and Apart Audio and is used to tell the stories around retail and hospitality and large and outdoor venue solutions.

Andrulis showcases the Prezone 2 stereo preamplifier that allows users to independently control music source selection and volume in two stereo zones, while also supporting two microphones that mix with up to four stereo sources. 

While the Prezone 2 has a user-friendly design and interface on the unit, it can also be controlled remotely — especially useful when endusers want the unit hidden away. 

“It’s got great support for remote control devices,” Andrulis says before pointing to the Prezone 2’s connected touch screen, from where actions performed on the unit can also be controlled. “That control panel is also available in any sort of web-connected device. You can connect directly to this unit. It will serve up a control page and you can adjust volume and sources there. You can also do it from remote control points and simple volume controls.”

The Prezone 2 demo in Biamp’s Annex is a showcase of a complete, scaleable end-to-end solution that includes the preamplifier, the streaming media sources, the web output, the speakers and the amplifier. 

Biamp is at ISE 2020 on Booth 3-B90.


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