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Growing the Q-SYS Platform with QSC at ISE 2020

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Matt Scott is with QSC’s Martin Barbour to discuss the evolution of the company’s Q-SYS software platform, which continues to evolve as AV integration and IT grow closer. 

Q-SYS started out as a feature-rich audio platform that was built on radical new technology 10 years ago. Since then Q-SYS has evolved with the addition of integrated control and most recently, network-based video to the same single software platform and hardware products. 

“So many of our customers now require video for their application space and very commonly they’ll bring in various different hardware solutions from different vendors and frankly invest a lot of time and energy trying to make them work together as a single end solution,” Barbour says of the addition of network-based video to Q-SYS. “Our approach was, we can bring that in house and build it out of the same platform, we solve a lot of those integration problems on the front end to make it easier for customers to deploy their systems and everyone walks out of there with an easier to deploy system.”

Scott and Barbour also discuss Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager, which allows endusers to view and monitor their entire fleet of AV devices, including third-party devices, and how remote management of large-scale projects has driven the cohesive solution.

Barbour also outlines his approach to working with skeptical IT managers who might be reluctant to use the platform. 

“Our product is inherently an IT product at its base,” Barbour explains. “It is a computer with a Linux operating system. When you start to have conversations using that nomenclature it starts to open up doors to those conversations and then we can go deeper into describing how we manage network services on the product and allowing people to be prescriptive about what services are active on each of the network interface ports they can be very granular in terms of locking down that product to protect it from an IT/security perspective.” 

QSC is at ISE 2020 on stand #1-F120.


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