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EDTech 111: Old Tech, New Tricks

The power of student worker programs, a cautionary tale about software, and Logitech's new camera for non-digital content.

The Soft(ware) Side of AV Control

Two Words: Software One of the largest changes being made to AV systems is the shift toward a more IT-centric approach. This has resulted in more products receiving software updates over the network and through the cloud. For many AV...

Daily Download Monday March 28, 2022

Software based solutions may be necessary, but they are not a panacea for projects.

Daily Download Friday January 21, 2022

How software-first solutions are slowly overtaking the hardware space in Pro AV.

ResiWeek 305: Cyber Terms

What integrators are looking for in their AV software, the keys to the smart home space, and keeping you and your clients safe from cybersecurity threats.

AVWeek 534: Supply Chain Software

Looking at the InfoComm 2021 numbers & the impact of in-person AV trade shows, utilizing AV software to get past hardware supply chain restrictions, and the importance of awards for companies & employees to be recognized for their efforts.

Mediasite Announces Availability for Mediasite 8 Enterprise Video Platform

Mediasite announces availability for Mediasite 8 Enterprise Video Platform.

AVWeek 515: Software First

Audinate adds video to Dante and looking at the evolution of software based solutions in the industry.

AVWeek 483: Encrypt Me

Discussing security when it comes to video conferencing, the AR/VR market's $2 billion surge in 2020, and Shure invests in software through Wavemark.

Visix releases AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.35

The release expands the speed and functionality of AxisTV Signage Suite with new and improved widgets, new content creation tools and backend enhancements Visix has released version 1.35 of their AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage content management software. The release...
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Latest News

Blackwire Designs Launches Virtual Training Hub, Elevating AV Expertise Through High-Quality, Accessible Education

Blackwire Designs launches its Virtual Training Hub, featuring a webinar series led by specialists and vendors, covering topics such as successful deployments of third-party solutions and Blackwire's own Blacklight LED lighting design tool.
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