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Enhancing the Home IoT Ecosystem with Z-Wave Alliance at ISE 2020

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Last December, Z-Wave Alliance and Silicon Labs announced plans to open the Z-Wave Specification as a ratified, multi-source wireless standard available to all silicon and stack vendors for development. What this means is that semiconductor and software suppliers will be able to join the Z-Wave ecosystem, therefore paving the way for greater and better integration of disparate IoT and smart home devices in the future.

Tim Albright talks with the Z-Wave Alliance’s Mitchell Klein about where its partnership with Silicon Labs will go, how it will strengthen the development of connected-home-over-IP and the evolution of IoT and the smart home.

“IP is a great platform for powered devices, it’s not so good for battery,” Klein explains. “When we also talk about battery, how is it going to get from one end of the house to the other. That is where Z-Wave, operating from a sub-gig level, that is where we shine. That is our strongest point: battery life and transmission distance. How do we take sub-gig and tie that in to the iP side? Obviously that is the short term challenge, but i’ts going to happen.

“We came to an agreement that we were going to take Z-Wave out from Silicon Labs and open it up as an independent organization so that we can have then have additional silicon companies develop silicon; additional developers come in and maybe enhance the features, address different markets,” Klein continues. “Under the umbrella of Silicon Labs we can do this much. Under the umbrella of we’re independent and we’ve got three or four more silicon we can now do this. Things are really starting to happen.”

Klein anticipates that this development will bear fruit in the next five years.

The Z-Wave Alliance is at ISE 2020 on Booth #9-E150.


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