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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Innovating the huddle space with Poly at ISE 2020

Matt Scott talks with Paul Clark of Poly about why huddle rooms have become so popular and what Poly is doing in that space today.

Meetings are becoming more informal, with people opting for smaller and less formal spaces. Clark points out that we are seeing a real grassroots demand for video in these informal spaces now because it has become a powerful part of effective communication.

“People are finding that by introducing video into a dispersed collaboration environments they are having much more valued experience,” says Clark. 

Poly, which had success in the last year with its Studio all-in-one video conference camera and sound bar system, has introduced the new generation Studio X family that includes the X30 and the X50.

“You don’t need to bring a PC,” Clark says. “The room, the environment is already video enabled because the X30 and the X50 Studio are all included video bar, so they actually have the processing to that connection to the infrastructure. All you need is a screen, you walk in to the environment, you push which ever controller you use, and you are ready to have your call.”

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Poly is also launching Poly Lens at the show, which is a new “as a service” platform that allows IT managers to manage their video estates and how the system and facilities are being used. 

“The reality is you learn more through the experience of how the space gets used and then you get into a discussion with people about it,” Clark says. “So I can see through the  use of Poly Lens new levels of insight being available in terms of how the rooms are being used and then the IT manager can have a discussion with facilities … to see how the space is being used and make firm decisions on that basis. So it is really powerful in terms of new flexibility to allow you to dynamically design your organization’s facilities.”

Scott and Clark also discuss Poly’s wearable devices, including Bluetooth products for office use, and the company’s new range of desk phones. 

Poly is at ISE 2020 in UC Hall; Booths 11-B140 and 11 A-150.

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