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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Lighten the load with AVPro Edge at ISE 2020

Matt Scott is with Jason Dustal of AVPro Edge to talk about the company’s new 16-port switcher and Seven Generator HDMI testing tool.

Known for its distribution AVoIP solutions, AVPro Edge is a family-owned business with deep origins in HDMI testing and calibration. The company took off when, noting the impact HDMI 2.0 will have on the industry, they decided to make an extender. That success has evolved into a roster of signal management and distribution tools, including the AC-MX1616-AUHD-HDBT-AVDM switcher, which features a modular chassis and dedicated fiber INs.

“Fiber is the future,” Dustal says. “We are dealing in 48 gigs now, what are we going to be dealing in a few years? You go 48 gigs the length of the cable starts to matter big time, so we wanted to eliminate one more piece of the puzzle when building a system like this, so we thought, why don’t we make the fiber straight into the card? So now I can run a kilometer fiber cable if I need to and turn it back to HDMI on that end.” 

Dustal also showcases AVPro Edge’s SEVEN Generator HDMI test and measurement equipment tool by Murideo for calibrators, integrators, and manufacturers. According to Dustal, it is the only Dolby-approved tool for testing Dolby products right now. 

AVPro Edge is at ISE 2020 in Hall 5 T80.


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