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AV Checkpoint launches to assist in AV systems design

The firm is a network of AV industry experts providing peer review and cost estimation for in-house AV teams, architects, engineers, construction professionals, and AV designers

Announcing the launch of AV Checkpoint, a new firm changing the quality control process for audio visual system design.  Founded by Mike Tomei (owner of Tomei AV Consulting), AV Checkpoint is a network of AV industry experts providing peer review and cost estimation for in-house AV teams, architects, engineers, construction professionals, and AV designers.

AV Checkpoint’s third-party peer review service gives anyone designing AV systems of varying sizes the ability to have their work reviewed by a network of highly experienced AV industry experts.  Focusing on design, constructability, and documentation review, clients can be assured that they’re getting their designs right the first time, while avoiding costly change orders and redesigns.  AV Checkpoint’s reviewers not only address design oversights, but they provide design recommendations that comply with industry standards, best practices, and ADA requirements.  A constructability review will assure clients that their documentation is bid and construction ready, and fully coordinated across other design disciplines.  AV Checkpoint’s final documentation review addresses compliance with CAD drawing and specification formatting standards.

AV Checkpoint’s cost estimating services give clients the ability to understand their true AV system costs during the project’s conceptual phase, through design development, and finally establishing a benchmark for bid analysis.  Whether it’s a cost estimate before an AV consultant or integrator is hired on the project, or a second opinion confirming AV equipment and labor costs, AV Checkpoint’s network of reviewers will provide cost estimates with an eye on market conditions and constructability, pulling from their experience in both system design and integration.

“Peer review and cost estimating services are very common in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries, and now AV Checkpoint provides anyone incorporating AV equipment into their designs with an accurate, reliable, and repeatable third-party approach to these services,” said Mike Tomei, Owner of AV Checkpoint. “Our network of reviewers bring an incredible level of industry experience, breadth of knowledge, and certifications to the table.”

AV teams at academic or corporate institutions that have brought their AV system design in-house can greatly benefit from AV Checkpoint’s third-party peer review and cost estimating services.  Combining the cost savings and efficiencies of designing in-house, with the assurance of a third-party review of design documentation by AV Checkpoint’s network of industry experts, AV teams will have confidence that they’re producing detailed system designs fully coordinated across all trades, and ready for bidding. In-house AV teams can also rely on AV Checkpoint to provide accurate cost estimates for their system designs, addressing any cost concerns early in the process.  In-house AV teams that are responsible for reviewing an AV consultant or integrator’s designs can trust AV Checkpoint to provide an objective third-party review and cost estimation.

AV Checkpoint works alongside AV designers, providing them with a “fresh set of eyes” to eliminate design oversights and provide the best possible product to their clients.  AV Checkpoint’s peer review services allow AV design consultants and integrators to have their work reviewed by an objective 3rd party network of industry professionals, resulting in eliminating potential change orders and elevating AV designers to a new level of accuracy.

If you would like more information about AV Checkpoint, please visit, or contact Mike Tomei at 607-592-5370 or


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