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InSync Technology to highlight software video conversion products at NAB 2020

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Built to support live and file-based workflows, the products can be deployed on the premise or in the cloud

At the 2020 NAB Show (Booth SL7422), InSync will showcase a range of software video conversion products to support live and file-based workflows. Each of these can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and integrated into other business or management systems via open APIs.

InSync introduces live conversion of UHD/4K streams using its FrameFormer Link software engine. FrameFormer Link can be easily integrated into any live production platform to bring the highest quality motion compensated frame rate conversion.

InSync also introduces FrameFormer Live, which utilizes InSync’s live conversion capability but within a turnkey application. The fully featured FrameFormer Live provides full stream, audio, and image processing as well as support for the emerging SRT video transport protocol.

Finally, and to support file-based workflows, the company will feature the FLICS | SOLO FF powered by InSync FrameFormer. This content preparation application, developed by InSync’s partner HiScale GmbH, offers automated transcoding and frame rate conversion. It includes support for all popular file formats as well as ABR encoding for VOD applications.

InSync Introduces Frame Rate Conversion of Live UHD/4K Content
At the 2020 NAB Show, InSync will premiere motion compensated frame rate conversion of live UHD/4K streams via its FrameFormer Link software engine. This is a real game changer for broadcasters and content distributors — being the first time that top-end live frame rate conversion has been available in a pure software form for premium UHD/4K formats.

The beauty of this approach is that the core software can be integrated into any live production platform or workflow through an open API. This can be an in-house platform, or the capability can be made available to end users via a service provider. As the software requires CPU-only processing with cross-platform support, the solution is ideal to support cloud-based workflows – where flexibility, speed to deploy and scalability are key. A prime example today is live event production in the cloud with frame rate conversion supporting distribution to a global audience.

At the 2020 NAB Show launch, InSync will offer an up-close look at the superb quality and smooth results available from FrameFormer conversion, as well as its ability to handle a wide range of formats and frame rates — including content produced with High Dynamic Range.

Other InSync Products at the 2020 NAB Show 

FrameFormer Live
Many broadcasters today are looking towards the next generation of standards converters. These should offer the flexibility that only software-based solutions can bring, but they also need to maintain and even improve the conversion quality that has been achieved over many years with proprietary hardware devices.

InSync will also introduce InSync FrameFormer Live — a turnkey software application that offers live motion compensated frame rate conversion of any format up to UHD/4K. FrameFormer Live incorporates InSync’s core FrameFormer software engine built into a standalone, feature-rich environment. This includes handling of popular streaming formats plus support for the emerging SRT transport protocol. In addition, users can access numerous image and audio processing controls as well as dashboards via the web-based user interface.FrameFormer Live can run on premise or in the cloud with the option to integrate into other systems through its RESTful API.

The increasing need to deliver content to different platforms and devices is driving a demand for flexible and highly automated media processing platforms.

New for the show, FLICS | SOLO FF provides a comprehensive content preparation solution that handles all file-based transcoding, video conversion, and delivery needs for any format up to UHD/4K. Developed by Hiscale GmbH, FLICS | SOLO FF includes InSync’s FrameFormer for the highest-quality motion compensated frame rate conversion. FrameFormer is also responsible for SDR, HDR, and color space conversions.

FLICS | SOLO FF offers a wide range of codec support including ProRes, AVC-I, DNxHD, H.264, H.265, and also ABR encoding for VOD delivery, including support for MPEG DASH and HLS. Transcoding, conversion, and delivery tasks can be fully automated. The software is available as a turnkey application for deployment on premise or in the cloud and can be further integrated via its RESTful API.


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