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Legrand AV to host virtual AV Transport Symposium

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The day-long webinar, to be held on March 27, will focus on connectivity CTS training

Join Legrand AV for a Virtual AV Connectivity Symposium on Friday, March 27. This free, full day of dynamic webinars will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the latest and most important developments in the world of AV connectivity. We’ll deliver content that’s important, relevant, and up-to-date. Plus, you’ll earn five (5!) AVIXA CTS credits making this the perfect opportunity to grab some credits for your CTS, CTS-D, or CTS-I renewal.  

These webinars are for anyone from newcomers just starting down an AV career path to seasoned pros who’ve “seen it all.” You’ll find something new, useful, and interesting in all five offerings. Don’t miss this chance to fill in some of the blanks and bring your game to the next level. And if you don’t have your CTS, come join us and see if becoming a Certified Training Specialist is the right path for your career!

Register for the whole day, but you can jump in and out as your schedule permits. Just be sure you’re in a full session to qualify for RUs.  

The line up for the symposium is as follows:

Digital AV Connectivity: Formats & Payloads, Up Close & Personal
10:30 – 11:30 EST
HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D, and Thunderbolt are all monikers with which we’re familiar. Of course, familiar doesn’t really mean we’re comfortable describing what they do, how they do it, how they’re different from each other, how to convert one to another (or not to), or which one is the right one for the project!

In just under one hour we will take you on a grand tour of nearly every connection you’ll encounter in
a modern-day AV installation. Here are some of the destinations we’ll visit: DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, S/PDIF, TOSLink, and USB. This is the perfect course to speed you on your way to a successful AV experience. At the end of this session you’ll be ready to connect with opportunities in a brand-new way!

Deploying HDMI: Challenges & Solutions USB
11:45 – 12:45 EST
We see it again and again. The system is designed and, on paper at least, it’s fine. Everything should work as expected. But there it is! The system fails when a different laptop is connected. Or maybe it intermittently reminds you that something isn’t right. Pictures freeze or drop out. You see block distortion or tiling. Or maybe the sound just doesn’t get where it’s going.

What are the next steps? Could this have been prevented? Drawing from the experience of manufacturing, selling and supporting millions of connections, we’ve brought together answers to the most common HDMI connectivity failures. In this presentation we’ll explore the challenges of HDMI connectivity up close in order to understand how to make it work dependably at lengths to 15-meters and beyond.

To ensure your success in AV design, installation, integration, and operation in 2020 and beyond, join us for this session.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About USB (But Were Afraid to Ask)
1:30 – 2:30 EST
Universal Serial Bus is a lot more than a connection between a thumb drive and computer. USB is at the very core of interactive AV. It’s a key element of interactive displays and whiteboards, video markup annotators, teleconferencing bridges, web cameras, powered speakers, and much more. Mobile devices around the world, and in your systems too, use USB for power and signal connectivity.

To succeed in AV today, you need to be an expert on all things USB! The biggest challenge to that end is there’s not a lot of great USB training for AV pros available. Until today. Discover what they didn’t teach you in AV school! Learn to effectively specify, integrate, and troubleshoot USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 technology.

C Into the Future
2:45 – 3:45 EST
In 1982 the compact disc changed how we thought about music. In 2002 a connection improbably called the High Definition Multimedia Interface (or HDMI for short) changed how we thought about video and system integration. Every 20 years or so a technology so powerful that it impacts the whole of an industry comes along. Today it’s undoubtedly USB Type-C! Every mobile device you can imagine has already been impacted by this new format. From smartphones to laptops and monitors to automobiles, the small, symmetrical connection is changing how we think about mobility and work.

In this class we’ll take you on the most comprehensive and relevant exploration of the operation and AV applications of this startling new technology ever offered via webinar. This is your chance to see into the future.

Emerging Technologies That Will Change the Future Of AV
4:00 – 5:00 EST
What will tomorrow bring? It feels like technology is changing at a break-neck pace, with new demands and opportunities developing right before our eyes. We are witnessing the final extirpation of 20th Century analog solutions, such as composite, component and VGA video transport. In the same way that HDMI connectivity fundamentally disrupted the industry in 2012, emerging technologies such as 5G, DisplayPort 2.0, and other emerging technologies will impact system design and integration. Unlike the transition from analog to digital, these changes won’t take a decade, you’ll see a new industry in less than half that time!

In this presentation we will explore the emerging technologies, both wired and wireless, that will have the greatest impact on communications systems and experience architecture in the coming years. Imagine what you could do if you knew what was coming next!


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