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Planar launches Planar EverNew Managed Service

The new managed service simplifies the buying process by enabling customers to lease Planar solutions at a fixed monthly cost

Planar has announced the launch of the Planar  EverNew Managed Service Program, a competitive, multi-year leasing program for Planar display solutions in the United States and Canada. The new managed service offering simplifies the buying process by enabling customers to lease Planar solutions at a fixed monthly cost. 

With Planar EverNew, customers can finance the total cost of their projects—including display hardware, software, extended warranties, installation and the Planar® Premier Service Level Agreement—under a single contract as an ongoing monthly payment. 

Planar EverNew also offers customers the control and flexibility to meet their requirements or adjust terms as needed in case situations arise. For example, customers can choose to purchase outright or lease during times of uncertainty where large capital expenses are not ideal.

The program makes it easier for cost-conscious companies to budget by turning a large, one-time capital outlay into a smaller, more manageable monthly expense. It also reduces the risk of technology obsolescence, while speeding up the process from decision to installation by eliminating the need for project bids.

Combining Planar EverNew’s flexibility with unparalleled customer support and maintenance, enhances the company’s services and reinforces its leadership in the commercial display market. In addition to demonstrating the company’s commitment to addressing customers’ diverse needs of today and tomorrow, Planar’s new managed service offering also helps ensure that organizations are equipped for effective communications, including every day information sharing and dynamically changing emergency situations. 

“Organizations across the globe understand the tremendous benefits of using Planar display solutions, yet for some the cost is prohibitive,” said Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Pro Services Adam Schmidt. “Planar EverNew extends our cutting-edge solutions to a wider range of customers by giving them quick access to the technology they need without having to purchase it outright.”

Planar EverNew offers flexible leasing options between two to six years, ensuring customers have access to Planar display solutions for the length of time needed. At the end of the term, customers can upgrade to the latest Planar displays and begin a new lease, continue leasing their existing solutions at a lower rate or purchase their leased displays at current fair market value. 

For more information or to request a Planar EverNew financing quote, visit


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