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Como Audio moves to bring manufacturing to U.S.

CEO Tom DeVesto has launched a StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign to raise the capital necessary to bring manufacturing and high-paying jobs with upskilled workers back to the U.S.

Tom DeVesto, CEO and Founder of Como Audio, has been designing and introducing quality consumer electronics brands for more than 40 years and is responding to the economic damages caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic by taking his company in a new direction. With the launching of a StartEngine equity crowdfunding campaign, his intent is to raise the capital necessary to bring manufacturing and high-paying jobs with upskilled workers back to the U.S. Prior to starting Como Audio in 2016, he was responsible for launching companies and building notable brands at Advent, Kloss Video, Cambridge SoundWorks, and Tivoli Audio, with many of these brands made in the U.S.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has taught all of us valuable lessons in that the U.S. is overly dependent on foreign manufacturing and is in dire need of creating high-paying jobs,” says Tom DeVesto. “My goal for the future of Como Audio is to solicit funding and engage partners in the opening of a factory in the Boston area, where all of my prior companies have been headquartered, to make high quality, great sounding world class audio products.”

Music has a profound healing effect on those who are staying in place during the pandemic as direct sales of Como Audio music systems are soaring. Como Audio smart speakers make it easy to access all the music content through one device that delivers multi-room, true high-fidelity, Wi-Fi sound in a compact and beautifully designed wood cabinet. The Como Audio products are designed to not only produce great room-filling sound but will sync music throughout the house without the use of a mobile device or app.

“Music is my lifeblood. My entire professional life, in all the companies I’ve founded and sold, I’ve pursued a single goal: creating audio systems that deliver music the way the artist created it, and I wish to continue that goal with U.S. manufacturing and workers,” concludes Tom DeVesto.

Drawing on his entrepreneurial vision and history of innovative, never-before-tried marketing, manufacturing and sales principles, as well as prior crowdfunding successes, he is positioning Como Audio to be more economically resilient and less dependent on global supply chains and making Boston once again the manufacturing center for audio products.

For more information regarding the Como Audio investment opportunity, please visit: www.startengine.com/como-audio-inc.

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