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Crestron launches tabletop conferencing system for the work from anywhere workforce

Crestron’s Flex MM is ideal for newly converted or dedicated small workspaces both in the corporate office and the home office

Crestron has unveiled its Crestron Flex MM, a sleek and compact audio and video conferencing solution and an easy-to-use, deploy, and manage tabletop meeting and collaboration system. Ideal for newly converted or dedicated small workspaces both in corporate and home offices, the Flex MM natively works with Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms software.

Noting that organizations must be flexible and agile when addressing evolving workplace needs in the COVID-19 work era, Crestron has drawn on its AV and UC technology expertise to create new product solutions for what is now being called hybrid working environments, including the small footprint Flexx MM, which has a 40% reduction in size and is an extension of Crestron’s M-Series.

Work from anywhere has become a widely accepted concept and even those returning to an office are redefining collaboration and finding new ways to connect with colleagues, partners, and customers – whether hours away or simply in the office next door. The new office perk is access to video conferencing and collaboration technology, as employers seek ways to encourage interaction and support productivity.

“When we form ourselves into a conversation, we naturally arrange ourselves into circles,” Nic Milani, Crestron’s executive director of commercial product marketing said during a recent press briefing for the Flexx MM. “It’s a human behavior. It is an egalitarian approach. It makes sure that nobody is in control of the conversation, we can all make eye contact, we call be seen and be heard. Putting the device to the front of the room, now all of a sudden I change that human behavior — how I naturally want to speak. I believe passionately that tabletop devices are the right way to go.”

Crestron forecasts that as companies migrate former huddle spaces into hotel spaces for workers and convert conference rooms into dedicated small team workspaces or management offices, investment in smaller footprint but high performance UC devices that bring enterprise level professional audio and video conferencing solutions to all working environments will increase.

“The pandemic has dramatically shifted the way we work and the spaces we work in,” said Andrew Gross, Director, UC Enterprise at Crestron. “Microsoft Teams and Zoom are household names, huddle rooms and conference spaces are being redefined to team units, and our desks are overrun with migratory devices that are never ready for the next video call. Crestron is quickly engineering products to solve these problems. The future of work is in Crestron’s DNA and solutions such as Crestron Flex MM demonstrate our continuous innovation in enterprise technology that allows people to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere.”

Crestron Flex MM bridges the gap between the home and the office, enabling video meetings, phone calls, and collaborative team sessions anywhere work happens. The system features:

  • Native support for Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms
  • A simple, consistent user experience with one-touch to join meetings
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • 10-foot / 3 metres mic pick-up range
  • Ultra wide-angle HD camera with 150° diagonal field of view
  • Enterprise-grade network security
  • Remotely provision, control, and manage

A certified partner of both Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Crestron features a range of enterprise grade UC solutions for the evolving work from anywhere workforce.

 Crestron Flex MM 30 will be available on August 31, 2020, with three different options, including the audio conference-only for Microsoft Teams (UC-MM30-TA) with an advertised price of $750; the video conferencing models for Microsoft Teams (UC-MM30-T); and Zoom Rooms (UC-MM30-Z) with an advertised price of $3,000. For more information, visit:


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