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PSNI investigates the redesigned classroom

Global Alliance of AV integrators help IT and Tech managers

PSNI Global Alliance, the global network of premier technology integrators and service providers, will be focusing on technology changes in the education sector with a series of blogs and education-based learning.

From elementary schools to university campuses, the global pandemic shutdown tested our ability to shift educational approaches and adapt to unknown variables. As a result, the ability to change how we deliver learning—even dynamically shifting between models—is becoming part of the standard operating procedure, extending well beyond the end of COVID-19.

Covering PSNI’s network across the US, EMEA, Latin America and APAC, the initiative addresses today’s and tomorrow’s classroom technology, including ideas on how to get the most out of a technology investment when used with existing systems. The online handbook is free and available at https://www.psni.org/guide-redefining-the-classroom/

PSNI is a worldwide network of audiovisual professionals. Their reach spans over six contents, 49 countries and almost 200 offices. Over the past five years, PSNI has worked to expand beyond the North American footprint. Under the leadership of Chris Miller, the group has demonstrated how to craft a working cooperative of disparate languages along the common goal of serving and servicing the customer.

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The PSNI group gathers several times during the year to discuss best practices in business as well as providing unparalleled AV experiences around the globe. From southern California to India and southeast Asia, the PSNI Global Alliance gives both multi-national corporations as well as local clients the consistent service.

This new report looks at ways the PSNI Alliance can best help those AV pros and IT professionals on the front line of education. The education guide will provide much-needed insight as campuses and classes move into the next phase of the COVID crisis. The report looks at a new in-person dynamic, remote learning, and hybrid models.


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