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Sony outfits San Diego State Univ. with Sony MAS-A100 beamforming microphone

PARAMUS — San Diego State University recently installed 68 of Sony’s MAS-A100 beamforming ceiling microphones, with future plans to implement more than 100 additional units. As their main campus and Imperial Valley campus transition to a hybrid classroom model, mixing in-person and distance education, the IP-enabled MAS-A100 has become a key component in building their classrooms of the future.

Designed for a range of lecture and presentation environments, the MAS-A100 beamforming microphone offers advanced clear audio for speech reinforcement with an Intelligent Feedback Reducer function, which can extract speech while suppressing unwanted feedback. The easy to install microphone minimizes ambient noise, offers automatic gain control and has a dual-channel output for simultaneous recording that captures instructor’s and students’ voices. It is compatible with third party Dante® mixers, converters and other devices, as well as power over Ethernet (PoE). A single cable can connect it to the system.

Sony's beamforming microphone (photos courtesy of SDSU)
Sony’s beamforming microphone (photos courtesy of SDSU)

“As we refreshed the design of our classroom due to the pandemic, we sought a touchless experience to safeguard employees and adhere to health and safety protocols,” said Rudy Arias, Associate Director, Instructional Technology Services, San Diego State University. “We were looking for an audio solution that would be hands-free, easy to implement, cost-effective and offer high-quality sound from any location. When we were introduced to the Sony IP ceiling microphone through a virtual demo, we placed our order within hours. We knew right away that it met our list of requirements and would be a reliable solution for our new hybrid classroom experience. We are currently installing them across our two campuses to make a bigger impact and facilitate a more engaging educational experience for teachers and students alike, and we are actively exploring and testing additional Sony classroom solutions to complement the new microphones and enhance our display capabilities.”

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“The MAS-A100 offers a number of beneficial features that enhance acoustic experiences, in-classroom or at-home, including the ability to record lectures for on-demand purposes,” said Theresa Alesso, Pro Division President, Sony Electronics. “As universities navigate news ways of instructing and connecting with students remotely, audio has become a primary area of focus. The pristine sound quality of our beamforming microphones builds a solid foundation for increasing interactivity, while enabling a two-way dialogue that enriches learning.”


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