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Crestron partners with Bombas to support COVID-19 healthcare workers and patients

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ROCKLEIGH, N.J. – Crestron has partnered with sock and apparel brand Bombas to spread some holiday cheer in support of our nations’ frontline healthcare workers and pediatric patients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Crestron has donated 4,400 pairs of socks to healthcare providers and their patients at several hospitals near Crestron’s regional offices. Now, healthcare workers can receive a new, clean pair of socks between shifts and patients can leave the hospital with new socks on their way home to celebrate the holidays.
A small act of kindness goes a long way
Bombas has graciously matched Crestron’s donation by sending an additional 4,400 pairs of socks to Crestron. Crestron will deliver these donation socks to several charitable organizations selected by them that support the homeless in North America. The donated socks are thoughtfully made to meet the needs of the times we are living in; features include an antimicrobial treatment, reinforced seams for durability and darker colors for less visible wear. They provide comfort for the less-than-ideal environments many homeless people are currently living in.
Crestron and Bombas share the mission of making a tangible difference in people’s lives. Bombas believes that a more comfortable world is a better world and that everyone, no matter their circumstances, deserves to put on clean, properly-fitted clothes – and socks. To date, Bombas has donated over 40 million items to those in need with the help of its network of 3,500 homeless shelters and community organizations.

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