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AV Planners partners with GOLFZON to offer golf simulation

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LOS ANGELESAV Planners has partnered with a leading golf simulation solution GOLFZON. With more than two million online members, GOLFZON hosts an average of 300 amateur tournaments daily. GOLFZON is available in 62 countries with 30,000 simulators in operation around the globe. Recognized by Golf Digest as the best golf simulator for four consecutive years, GOLFZON is trusted by many of the industry’s most famed golf players, including Kevin Na, four-time PGA Tour champion, and David Leadbetter, leading golf instructor and founder of Leadbetter Golf Academy.
“Influencing the growth of Golfzon in the United States is what gets us all out of bed in the morning,” said James McDonald, national sales manager for GOLFZON. “We see the ripe and rapidly growing marketplace for these products and fully believe that our organization will be a driver of this market for many years to come. A partnership with AV Planners was an easy decision for us, because their interest wasn’t just product driven but vision driven. We’re elated to be a new offering in their impressive portfolio and look forward to an exciting future together.”
GOLFZON enables the player to play from tee to green, all on the same hitting platform. GOLFZON’s omnidirectional hydraulic swing plate navigates players through the golf course by creating realistic uphill, downhill and sidehill lies of all varieties to seamlessly blend the virtual course with the real-life terrain of the location. With more than 190 golf courses worldwide available to players, all GOLFZON courses are captured in high-definition — using a feature called Moving Swing Plate with variable ground settings to provide golfers an unparalleled experience.
GOLFZON offers three unique simulators: VISION Premium, VISION Standard and GDR Standard. VISION Premium, recognized by Golf Digest as “Best Premium Golf Simulator,” is the world’s best-selling golf simulator. Voted “Best Luxury Golf Simulator” by Golf Digest, VISION Standard offers convenient installation at a competitive price. GDR Standard offers a top-of-the-line golfing experience with swing replay, enabling the player to record, review and compare their swing with other players through their GOLFZON account. Each GOLFZON model offers unique technological features and design aesthetics to create a residential or corporate showpiece.
For more information on GOLFZON, including pricing and financing information, please visit avplanners.com/news/av-planners-partners-with-golfzon-to-offer-golf-simulation. Keep up with the latest news from AV Planners on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

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