Tuesday, May 28, 2024
YOU ARE AT:Business NewsPikasso moves into Programmatic DOOH with Broadsign 

Pikasso moves into Programmatic DOOH with Broadsign 

LEBANON and MONTREAL Pikasso and Broadsign have teamed to bring Pikasso’s network of premium digital-out-of-home (DOOH) displays to the Broadsign Reach programmatic DOOH supply-side-platform (SSP). With Pikasso’s DOOH inventory on-boarded to Reach, which is integrated with more than 30 omnichannel and DOOH demand-side platforms (DSPs), media buyers can now easily opt to incorporate Pikasso’s highly-trafficked roadside, shopping mall and transit inventory into their campaigns to expand audience reach across the Middle East, and more specifically the regions of Levant, North and West Africa, and the Caucasus.

An outdoor advertising pioneer in the region, Pikasso introduced the first network of advertising billboards in Beirut and started digitizing its static assets in 2010. Its move into programmatic via the Reach integration is an extension of the company’s commitment to evolving its out-of-home (OOH) offering. Now that Pikasso’s digital inventory is available programmatically via Reach, media buyers can harness it to execute targeted DOOH and omnichannel campaigns to regional audiences, with triggers based on real-time conditions and mobile location data. Via Reach’s robust network of DSPs, Pikasso also gains exposure to new digital media buyers from around the world.

PikassoPikasso Algiers Bab Ezzouar Mall
Pikasso Algiers Bab Ezzouar Mall

“Pikasso takes every ad campaign to heart and strives for outstanding results. We recognize that programmatic is part of the future, which is why we’ve taken our first step into it with Broadsign,” shared Antonio Vincenti, CEO of Pikasso. “With our inventory on Reach, buyers can now seamlessly plan and execute campaigns that deliver more contextually relevant messaging to audiences in the region via multiple consumer touchpoints. We did a lot of research prior to signing on with Broadsign, and ultimately determined that with Reach’s unprecedented flexibility and global recognition, it was the perfect fit for our foray into programmatic.”

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“Consumers are more eager today than ever before to get outside, and advertisers looking to tap into this captive audience are seeing new value in programmatic omnichannel strategies that include DOOH. To keep pace with the demand, Broadsign is aligning with leading providers like Pikasso to bring more prime inventory from highly-sought after regions to the Reach platform,” shared Adam Green, SVP and GM, Broadsign Programmatic Platforms. “We’re thrilled to be working alongside the Pikasso team on this initiative and look forward to seeing how advertisers take advantage of it in the future.”

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