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SHURE appoints Duncan Bell as consultant on spectrum and advocacy

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CHICAGO — Shure Incorporated has announced the appointment of Duncan Bell, founder of Wideband Consulting Ltd, as a consultant on spectrum and advocacy affairs. Bell is a founding member of the BEIRG (British Entertainment Industry Radio Group) organization and the former Financial Director of the Autograph group in the United Kingdom. He is also a senior member and political team leader of the #WeMakeEvents campaign, formed by PLASA in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Shure has been the leader in spectrum advocacy on behalf of the audio industry and continues to devote significant investments to secure its future,” said Ahren Hartman, VP of Quality at Shure. “We look forward to joining forces with Duncan to secure and protect spectrum for the wireless microphone user community.”

Recently in the U.S., Shure petitioned the FCC to reverse its recent decision and ensure that at least one “vacant” 6MHz UHF channel is designated in each market for wireless microphone use. Shure has continued to advocate for customers impacted by new government policy changes, providing a voice for the industry and encouraging more collaboration on major policymaking decisions in areas around the world.

“Duncan’s 36-year career in live sound production and industry relations makes him uniquely suited to join Shure in our fight to retain access to critical spectrum for wireless microphones,” said Peter James, Vice President of Global Sales, Pro Audio, at Shure.

Shure has been a long-time member and supporter of BEIRG (British Entertainment Industry Radio Group). This group has successfully campaigned for the maintenance of “Program Making and Special Events“ (PMSE) access to a sufficient quantity of interference-free spectrum for use by wireless microphones and wireless in-ear monitor (IEM) systems. Most recently, BEIRG’s campaigning led the UK government to commit to a funding program for the majority of those affected by the 700MHz clearance program.

”I am thrilled to be able to count Shure as one of my clients, and I look forward to working with the team to continue their work securing and maintaining access to critical radio spectrum that the entertainment and event technology sector uses and relies on every day,” said Bell. “Over the 14 years working with the team at BEIRG, I have been continually impressed with the impartial way so many have supported our work. Shure’s commitment to that has been there throughout, and always for the wider good of the industry.”


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