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Securing the AV Network

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Protecting Informational Currency

Steve Greenblatt and A State of Control guests took a left turn recently. Instead of discussing control and automation, the group found themselves talking about the security of AV systems. We wanted to hear opinions on what kind of impact this has on the AV programming space, designers, and those who are in our audience wondering what to do.

Rich Fregosa said, “We are quickly reaching critical mass…It is now a requirement for us to be aware of how information can get out and prevent the unauthorized release of that information…” Noting that if we are involved in these systems, part of our responsibility as programmers is to help protect that informational currency. We can be liable for it if we don’t, and there also lies some element of AV trust across the board.

Rich uses a check engine light metaphor, referenced many times throughout the podcast. We highly recommend taking a listen to get a picture painted for you.

Greenblatt asks our guests how important it is going to be that there is not only comprehension but a dedication to security?

Brian Magrogran from Verrex speaks on the importance of keeping up with the changing requirements for security. He notes that following this alone will provide a stronger sense of security. Referencing the Windows theory and the fact that users are now forced to update their projects in order to enforce this dedication to security.

“We have to protect ourselves, and our clients”, the panel noted. If your company gets hacked, there is a call to evaluating equipment. There must be a prior decision regarding which devices you deem secure. “No matter what,” James King says, “you have to face that you’re going to have difficulty no matter what equipment you’re using.”

Need tips as you dive into security?

Magrogran says that one of the most important factors is to be paying attention to what manufacturers are doing. “Security is never once then done,” followed King. We have to embrace security. Fregosa rounds it out , saying, “you gotta educate the people you’re selling it to,” which means we must all educate ourselves before doing so.


Listen for a deeper look into the security of AV control.


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