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AVIXA Announces 2021 AV Experience Awards Finalists

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AVIXA announces the 2021 AV Experience Awards finalist, recognizing the innovative integration of content, space, and audiovisual technology to enrich experiences. Award entries were submitted by various teams members involved in the overall project, whether they were the originator, creative agency, or customer. The selected finalist will discuss their project at InfoComm 2021 in Orlando, Fla. to discuss their projects.

“The AV Experience Awards finalists showcase how AV can make an incredible impact on the way we experience the world – the way we learn, communicate, and are entertained,” said Joé Lloyd, Senior Director of Communications, AVIXA. “AVIXA is proud to recognize the creative firms and technologists that have employed AV in imaginative ways to elevate a wide range of experiences.”

Here are the AV Experience Award Finalists for 2021:

Best Dynamic Art Experience celebrates AV as art – whether it is to amaze, create a cultural centerpiece, energize people, reinvigorate a functional space, or display information in a stimulating way.

Light Up the Night: Brightening Your Day in Dark Times

Sharp NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

110 High Street’s Media Band


The New Desjardins Space


Best Collaborative Experience celebrates applications of AV that bring people together via technology when they cannot be together in person.



University of North Carolina Surgery Education Center, School of Medicine

University of North Carolina

Laboratory Digital Transformation

AV Integration Distribution (India) Pvt Ltd

Best Individualized Experience highlights applications where technology creates personalized experiences.

Crayola IDEAworks: The Creativity Exhibition

Mad Systems Inc.

Exploring the Wilderverse

Dimensional Innovations

Enhanced Listening for Revolutionary Work Communication


International Spy Museum


Best Immersive Experience recognizes illusionary or simulated environments that envelope individuals into a multisensory experience.

The Omega Mart Experience

Barbizon Lighting Company

Britannia Mining Museum – Boom!

Eos Lightmedia

The Wall at Edmonton Public Library


Best Flexible Space Experience highlights AV applications that create spaces that are constantly changing, adapting, and facilitating the activities that happen within them.

Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre

Eos Lightmedia

Studio at Chop Shop

AV Chicago

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Rosendin Electric

Best In-Person Experience recognizes when AV is used strategically to motivate potential attendees to get out into the real world to experience something they can’t see, do, or feel anywhere else.

Grandscape, A Mixed-Use Retail Development



Necsum Trison

Movati Athletic

Evolution AV

The winners will be announced on November 18, 2021. Check out the AV Experience Awards’ website to learn more information.


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