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Avocor Launches New One-Touch Software to Simplify Meetings & Content Access

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Global collaboration display company Avocor introduces Avocor GroupShare, the newest subscription-based meeting user interface. The new solution helps teams manage video calls, making it easy to start and schedule meetings. GroupShare enables single-button meeting start from Avocor’s interactive displays, mobile devices, or PC. Groups can access numerous UC software programs, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Google Meets.

“The hybrid meeting experience continues to shift toward solutions that are video related and entirely digital, down to the whiteboard, and are easy to use and simply work, every time, no matter what software and platform you’re using, be it Zoom for one meeting and Microsoft Teams for the next,” said Dana Corey, SVP and GM, Avocor.

Avocor GroupShares plans to eliminate technology complications by providing a consistent meeting user experience. GroupShare offers an identical experience across all rooms in the enterprise, from huddle spaces to board rooms. Employees will have access to their collaboration apps as well as their files and the room schedule.

Avocor GroupShare for Microsoft 365 offers various integration capabilities for unique meeting needs. Each GroupShare for Microsoft 365 subscription comes preconfigured for Microsoft enterprise customers. It features Microsoft Office 365 authentication and room resource calendar integration. 

“Our Avocor GroupShare SaaS service uniquely provides these benefits, by enabling teams to easily and immediately access the services and software that they rely on now, from a single-touch user interface. It just makes it so easy to schedule and get into any type of meeting fast,” said Corey

Avocor GroupShare required minimal computing overhead and works securely with standard network configurations. Avocor GroupShare subscriptions start at $595. Check out Avocor’s website for more information. 


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