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Shure Rolls Out Third-Party Integration and Control With Aaton Digital and Sound Devices

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Shure announced the latest firmware update to its ADX5D Axient® Digital Dual-Channel Portable Wireless Receiver, released in June. the new third-party integration and feature set lets the sound mixer control and monitor the ADX5D from their mix position for functions like scanning and deploying frequencies to receiver channels.

“We’re proud to offer our ADX5D customers a reliable means of integrating their portable, wireless solutions with the cutting-edge mixers and recorders from Aaton and Sound Devices,” shared Adi Neves, Associate Product Manager at Shure. “With the introduction of third-party integration and control, our goal is to bring the superior RF performance, spectral efficiency, and transparent audio quality of Axient Digital to more audio professionals who are pushing boundaries in the film and broadcast industry.”

ADX5D’s third-party integration and control is currently supported on these devices:

  • Aaton Digital CantarX3, CantarMini Mixer-Recorders, and Hydra Interface System
  • Sound Devices Scorpio, 888, and 883 Mixer-Recorders with SL-2 and SL-6 SuperSlot Wireless Modules

Notably, the latest ADX5D firmware also includes:

  • Party Dial: Enables users to quickly switch between RF channels from a pre-selected group of frequencies
  • Optimized Menu Structure: Places the most used features within a few clicks of one another. Enhances the current Shortcut Menu, providing rapid access to critical features and menus

Visit Shure’s website for more information on the ADX5D.


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