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Shure Joins WInnforum and 5G-MAG to Explore New Innovations in Spectrum, 5G and More for the Audio Industry

Shure has partnered with WInnForum and 5G-MAG as part of Shure’s product innovation in the audio industry.

Shure joins an international membership group that comprises equipment vendors, subsystem vendors, software developers, technology developers, communication service providers, research and engineering organizations, academic institutions, government users, and regulators.

WInnForum focuses on standards and advancing technologies to better utilize spectrum and development of wireless communications systems. Shure believes getting involved with the organization will help develop new technologies, allowing microphones to get access to free spectrum to satisfy the needs of the audio industry.

“Spectrum is an issue for many customers and we are looking at ways to help unlock additional spectrum for our industry in innovative ways,” said Prakash Moorut, Senior Director, Spectrum and Regulatory Affairs at Shure. “We’re committed to being the leading advocate for our industry in the wireless spectrum arena. It is important that we have long-term access to the

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Shure also joined 5G-MAG, an association bridging the media with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industries. Shure plans to leverage its long-standing experience in developing wireless microphones to participate in discussions about 5G solutions for audio transmission.

“We’d like to better understand the industry’s views about 5G-based Programme Making and Special Events,” said Moorut. “By collaborating with this diverse group, we can help advance the exploration of 5G for wireless audio.”

Check out Shure’s website to learn more information on the partnership.

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