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Visix Releases AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.55 with Analytics and Enhanced Browser Widget

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Visix Inc. has released the latest version of their AxisTV Signage Suite software, giving administrators extensive visibility, tracking, and reporting options. Version 1.55 also provides an updated web browser widget to better enhance compatibility with web pages.

The new analytics feature allows clients who use both cloud and on-premise content management systems to enable tracking and reporting for five areas: Message Playback, Message Approval, Playlist Activity, Content Submission, and User Activity.

“If you want to maximize the impact and efficiency of your digital signage, metrics are key,” says Trey Hicks, Chief Sales Officer for Visix. “Whether you’re partnering with advertisers or just want to track your own internal communications campaigns, you need data to make good decisions. By tracking participation, turnaround time, and playback frequency, administrators can see who’s using the system most often and what’s on screens, when. Pairing these analytics with calls to action can help you better measure engagement for both your staff and your audiences.”

AxisTV Signage Suite users can choose which messages are tracked in the CMS with a simple checkbox. To better track workflows, Message Approval shows the approval status of messages with the average time for approval or disapproval, and Playlist Activity shows how many items are submitted to each playlist within a date range, so clients can see which playlists are most active. Two options help administrators track which users or departments are most active: Content Submission shows how many items have been submitted, by whom, and can be sorted by user account or organization; and User Activity lets administrators see the last time users logged in and which organization or sub-organization they belong to.

For more information about AxisTV Signage Suite, please visit visix.com/products/digital-signage-software.


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