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An Industry First: UL-Certified Class 4 Digital Electricity™ Cables from Belden

Belden’s Digital Electricity Cables received the industry’s first Class 4 certification from UL. Class 4 is a new classification standard dedicated to fault-manager power systems. These systems offer the convenience and safety of low-voltage power like PoE.

Belden’s DE Cables were designed in conjunction with VoltServer, the creator of Digital Electricity, to ensure that they can support many types of applications. DE Cables are available in copper-only and hybrid copper/fiber constructions to transmit power and data over long distances in a single cable run.

Fault-managed power systems are also referred to as packet energy transfer (PET), DE, pulsed power, or smart transfer systems. They offer a cost-effective alternative to AC power and provide power and data in a single run, saving valuable installation time. DE Cables can be installed by the same low-voltage integrators that install Category cabling. DE Cables are a great complement to PoE applications, powering PoE switches that power devices like lighting, wireless access points, and small cells using standard Ethernet connections.

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“We’re proud to help create and support standards around the safe application of fault-managed power systems,” says Roy Kusuma, product engineering manager at Belden. “It will become necessary to operate these systems with a Class 4 Listed cable that complies with UL 1400-2, and Belden is the first to offer a portfolio of UL-certified Class 4 cabling.”

To learn more about Digital Electricity Cables, visit www.belden.com.


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