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Bridging the Gap Between Security and AV With AtlasIED’s IPX at InfoComm 2022

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Back on the InfoComm 2022 show floor in Las Vegas, AVNation’s Rich Fregosa is again joined by Michael Peveler, the Vice President of Sales at AtlasIED. They’ve already spoken about Atmosphere, but here they chat about a product that deserves its own conversation: IPX.

IPX is an audio and visual notification system used in mass communications. Unfortunately in today’s environment, we have a growing need for mass notifications, be it weather, health, or safety related. AtlasIED’s top selling model includes a built-in speaker, microphone, and scrollable screen, as well as a color changing flasher and an amplifier that connects with additional analog speakers—all which run using just one POE+ connection. 

This product is often used in industrial and factory settings, schools, and now in the corporate space. Michael explains that IPX bridges the gap between security and AV, which is why AtlasIED does its best to showcase to resellers that customers will be buying this product one way or another. While people may initially think of mass notifications as a security system, at its core, IPX is a paging system. At the touch of a button, users can activate a full system. Whether it’s tied to a gunshot detection system or an access slot system, AtlasIED partners with Singlewire to offer a variety of notification options—meaning they can go to those in the facility, to mobile devices, to the authorities, and more.

AtlasIED is proud to offer IPX as a solution that gives consumers the notifications they need, when they need them. That said, they’re not the full solution. They partner with an ex-police and S.W.A.T. officer to meet with customers, going over best practices, additional necessary policies and precautions, and more ways to make use of the technology to ensure that students and staff are prepared to use it if and when the time comes. Michael and his team are passionate about making sure that fellow citizens of all ages remain safe in stressful situations in which people must act quickly.

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The easy-to-use interface allows a number of people to be trained on IPX at once, so customers can be ready for worst case scenarios, but also utilize the product as a paging system on a daily basis. This is AtlasIED’s fastest growing product category due to high demand, so Michael’s role is to help integrators understand the high profile use-cases and evolving need for such an important piece of technology.

For more information about Atmosphere and AtlasIED as a whole, visit their website here. You can also find them on social media, @atlasied.

We’ll have more coverage of AtlasIED and other companies coming up as the event continues throughout the week. Read more about InfoComm 2022 here.


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