Monday, May 20, 2024
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Modus VR Announces Modus-as-a-Service, Industry’s First Virtual Reality Project Design Services Available to Integrators and Clients

Modus VR announced Modus-as-a-Service which allows integrators, consultants, and enterprises to harness the full technology of the software. Without any hardware investment or resident expert, integrators and teams can now enlist the Modus VR platform and the expert, professional Modus team to host meetings and provide turnkey, real-time, immersive design work and output all important accompanying project deliverables.

“The magic of our new Modus-as-a-Service offering lies in the ability for the integrator and their customers to focus on their creativity, idea sharing, and solving problems, while we do the design work alongside them in our 3D environment, said Ken Brueck, Co-Founder of Modus VR. “This new option means integrators don’t have to invest in VR hardware to gain all the benefits and wow-factor that Modus VR is known for. They can set up hosted meetings with our experts whenever it works for them and be productive immediately.”

Modus VR Client Service Specialists will join client meetings via most any video conference software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Attendees experience the real-time ability to look at their entire space, make immediate, informed decisions, and arrive at the best design for their project, while the Modus VR team does all the work. Integrators, clients, and trade partners can focus on aspects of their project such as display sizes, speaker placement, and smart home functionality. For enterprise sessions, Modus VR can demonstrate things such as camera views, optimum screen sizes, seating, and furniture placement, microphone pickup, and more.

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“With our new MaaS and Modus VR, gone are days of endless meetings, outdated paper plans, and waiting weeks to complete residential and commercial layout designs. We’re finding project stakeholders can reach alignment during a single, immersive MaaS session, replacing what otherwise would have required weeks of back and forth to complete.”

Modus-as-a-Service is now available. Interested integrators, consultants, and partners can contact Modus VR at


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