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Atlona Launches New Remote Access Capability for Velocity AV Control Systems

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Atlona has launched a new service for their Velocity AV control systems that simplifies and improves all remote configuration, management, and control responsibilities via a powerful online resource. Available in three annually renewable tiers, Velocity Premier Services Remote Gateway (AT-VPS-RG) streamlines important tasks including system setup, device configuration, and troubleshooting as well as credential and firmware updates from any device with a browser or internet connection. The result is a more efficient and reliable method to service and support end users remotely.

Using patent-pending cloud technology, VPS-RG establishes a secure proxy connection between a server and the gateway over the internet. This allows resellers, integrators, or IT administrators to remotely configure systems and manage devices without having to directly access the corporate network, reducing costs associated with on-site visits and truck rolls, as well as increasing responsiveness for support issues.

The intuitive online dashboard provides centralized access for managing multiple gateways. It also supports the storage of both recurring and manual system backups in the cloud. Should a problem arise onsite, the latest configuration can be downloaded from VPS-RG and restored to the gateway. 

Another key benefit of VPS-RG is BYOD AV control over the remote connection. Users can scan a Velocity room control QR code and control the AV system over their device’s internet connection. This simplifies rights and permissions for IT administrators because they do not have to provide users access to the local AV network. 

Velocity Premier Services Remote Gateway is available as an annual license for each gateway to be controlled. The tiered levels of service are designed to match the processing and data requirements of specific Atlona Velocity hardware and software gateways:

  • AT-VPS-RG-T1 is for Atlona’s three-room Velocity Hardware Gateway (AT-VGW-HW-3) and the all-in-one 10” touch panel with gateway (AT-VTPG-1000VL)
  • AT-VPS-RG-T2 is for Atlona’s 10-room Velocity Hardware Gateway (AT-VGW-HW-10)
  • AT-VPS-RG-T3 is for Atlona’s 20-room Velocity Hardware Gateway (AT-VGW-HW-20) and 20 or more room Velocity Software Gateway (AT-VGW-SW)

“Velocity Premier Services Remote Gateway is an ideal solution for remotely configuring, managing, and controlling Velocity systems,” said Justin Kennedy, Product Manager – Control and Management, Atlona. “Remote access can be a value add to reseller or integrator service contracts, offering a faster and more efficient response to system changes or troubleshooting. The same benefits apply to an IT administrator for a large corporation or higher ed system who manages a Velocity deployment across many campuses, or multiple sites at a single location.”

The AT-VPS-RG is available now through Atlona’s global network of authorized channel partners. For more information, please visit www.atlona.com/VPS-RG.


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