Monday, June 17, 2024
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QSC, LLC Names Ronda Ross Vice President Human Resources

QSC, LLC is pleased to announce the promotion of Ronda Ross to Vice President Human Resources. Ross replaces Vicki Arnold who has retired after leading HR for 16 years.

“First, we’d like to thank Vicki for all she has done for QSC, LLC. Her contributions in building our HR team and capabilities have been immeasurable and we appreciate the dedication and care she has always given the organization and our employees,” says Joe Pham, Chairman of the Board and CEO, QSC, LLC. “We are thrilled to have Ronda fulfill this position as she has already made such a large impact over the last five years by delivering many improvements and laying a solid foundation to support the growth of our organization.”

Ross joined QSC, LLC in 2017 as Director of HR Operations and promoted to Senior Director Human Resources in 2021 where she focused on advancing the strategic partnerships between human resources and business outcomes. Ronda brings over 20 years of strong business experience in both human resources and information technology companies including Arbonne International, LLC and the Irvine Company.

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“QSC, LLC is a growing organization with our employees at the heart of who we are and how we will continue to drive innovation,” says Ross. “Through her tenure, Vicki has created a solid foundation, and I look forward to continuing those values and elevating the company to the next level with the right programs and systems to provide our employees, customers and partners a healthy and productive environment.”



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