Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Jetbuilt Partners with AV-iQ to Standardize Product Categories

Jetbuilt, the global leader in project sales and management software is now partnering with veteran product research tool, AV-iQ, to align with their product categories, thus solidifying a standardization within the industry. This synergy between platforms will streamline workflows and simplify the search process by maintaining familiar categories that many in the industry are already accustomed to. Thus, whether in AV-iQ or Jetbuilt, a search for Speaker will produce the congruent categories of Horns, Large Format Stand Speakers, Line Arrays, and so forth.

For more than 20 years, AV-iQ has given industry professional end-users a destination to find detailed product information in a common-format industry database. Therefore, as Jetbuilt worked to further enhance their platform’s user-friendly search tool, they looked to AV-iQ with the goal of streamlining the industry with fewer sets of categories among leading companies. 

“AV-iQ has built a great reputation as an industry-standard database,” said Paul Dexter, Jetbuilt founder and chief executive officer. “As the most used quoting platform, it makes no sense for Jetbuilt to create a new set of categories, thereby diluting the industry. Recognizing AV-iQ categories as a standard and aligning our platform with theirs is simply better for the industry.”

Not only will this standardization benefit those searching for products in Jetbuilt and AV-iQ, but manufacturers will be able to feed the same categories into both platforms for a simpler and more streamlined experience.

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“We’re excited to be working with Jetbuilt to offer another way for our industry to standardize product information so that end-users, integrators, and manufacturers can all have an easier time finding the information they need,” remarked Mark Loftus, AV-iQ Business Development Lead. “As a continuation of AV-iQ’s mission to be the central database of product information for the industry, aligning Jetbuilt into our category structure we’ve built over the past 20+ years makes perfect sense. ”

Jetbuilt’s extensive database of over 2 million low-voltage items reaches beyond audiovisual. AV-iQ is similarly extending its reach into structured cabling and residential markets. The two companies will continue to work with one another to stay aligned for all corresponding products on behalf of the industry.

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