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Jetbuilt Bridges the Silos in the AV Industry

Jetbuilt, the global leader in AV project sales and management software, has announced a strategy to bridge the silos existing within the AV industry. While industry professionals recognize their software as the go-to tool for fast and efficient proposal generation and 360-degree project management, Jetbuilt’s platform possesses more comprehensive capabilities. Ushering in a new era, Jetbuilt is focused on bridging the silos within the industry to foster better communication and collaboration, all within one easy-to-use and purpose-built platform. Jetbuilt will emphasize its new focus during ISE 2023 with a larger appearance, including personalized product demos.

Along with providing the tools to build, sell, and manage projects with speed and efficiency, Jetbuilt’s platform is designed to enable real-time communication across various roles. “Our software is not just for integrators and designers. End-users, manufacturers, and distributors greatly benefit from Jetbuilt as well,” explains Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “Our company roadmap for 2023, and the demos we’ve planned for ISE, are focused on bringing project stakeholders together for the good of the project and the benefit of every party involved.”

Through years of serving a wide range of professionals across different roles within the AV industry, Jetbuilt’s team has identified a need for greater cross-profession communication. Interaction and collaboration happen between these groups on projects every day, yet they are forced to work in isolation. AV professionals share a common goal: to provide fully-functioning, high-quality systems to the end user. The Jetbuilt platform reduces the inevitable friction and time taken to communicate by providing a standard tool, thus Bridging the Silos that separate professionals across the industry.

Several scenarios highlight the power of Jetbuilt’s software to bring isolated parties together. An end user can use the platform to outline functional needs on a room-by-room basis and share this request directly with a manufacturer or their independent consultant. Request for quotes are delivered within the platform to integrators. The discussion area allows requests for information to be privately shared among the bidders, consultants, and clients. Manufacturers can engage through product fit, suggesting new values and offering incentives, while receiving insights on how and where their products are being installed.

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“Project information today is being requested and returned through email, voicemail, Zoom, Slack, and in dozens of incompatible data formats,” comments Dexter. “Jetbuilt allows a more fluid and organized path for that information. Double-entry becomes a thing of the past, and all parties can be far more responsive in much less time. “Jetbuilt is not here to change how projects are designed and awarded. We are simply working to make the current process more efficient”.

“Fostering collaboration is something we’re passionate about,” comments Tom Peters, director of business development at Jetbuilt. “The concept of ‘Bridging the Silos’ is born out of the experience our clients, across all professions, have reported while using the platform. Jetbuilt allows stakeholders to work together more efficiently at a lower cost, leading to more accurate and consistent results for all parties involved.”

Visit Jetbuilt in Hall 5, Stand 5C700 at ISE 2023 from January 31–February 3, 2023 at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via. Jetbuilt will feature live, interactive demonstrations throughout the day for the duration of ISE 2023. If you’re attending ISE, visit Jetbuilt to find out how you could benefit from bridging the silos in your profession.


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