Monday, May 20, 2024
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Shure Announces, “STEM for STEM” Program to Support Diverse Global STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Initiatives

Shure has announced a new program “STEM for STEM”. Shure is a manufacturer of audio equipment that makes microphones, wireless microphone systems, in-ear monitors, earphones and headphones, conferencing systems, and more.

Shure is increasing its focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) initiatives by announcing a new “STEM for STEM” program. This program will provide donations to various global STEM-based organizations based on each Stem Ecosystem product sold by Shure. Shure is one of the technology companies where a woman has held the position of CEO for this long, and its former Chair, Rose L. Shure, has been an inspiration to all Shure Associates for more than 60 years. Chris Schyvinck, President and CEO of Shure began her career at the company more than 30 years ago as a quality control engineer and became President and CEO in 2016 after Mrs. Shure passed away.

Shure’s “STEM for STEM” program will donate to various global STEM-based organizations based on the sale of each Stem Ecosystem product. Shure’s Stem Ecosystem is a collection of products that customers can combine to create the best conferencing rooms for their needs, such as wall, table, and ceiling mics, speakers, hubs, and controls. Customers can use this audio ecosystem to create, manage, and scale collaboration space audio for an effortless experience in any room.

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