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BenQ Drives the 21:9 Experience With the New LK935 4K Laser Projector

BenQ, a projector brand, offers professional installation solutions for enterprise, education, and entertainment markets, combining ease of use, productivity, aesthetics, and engineering.

BenQ introduces LK935 4K UHD laser projector, revolutionizing 21:9 projector market with its innovative technology.

The BenQ LK935 4K UHD laser projector addresses the evolving needs of hybrid meetings by providing high-quality projection, accurate colors, installation flexibility, and minimal maintenance, all at a competitive price point.

BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions, is redefining the 21:9 projector market with the new LK935 4K UHD laser projector. Purpose-built for the hybrid environment, the 5,500-lumen LK935 projector delivers the full richness, clarity, and accuracy of complex content that make up hybrid meetings and video conferences today. It features a super-dense pixel count of 1,149 pixels per square inch (PPI2) on a 130″ screen, 21:9 aspect ratio, 92% Rec.709 color coverage, conferencing color modes, and HDR support to ensure text, video, images, graphs, and other content is presented in pristine high quality necessary to achieve equitable and productive meetings.

The hybrid meeting ushers in a new paradigm,” said Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ. “One where much more complex content is being presented simultaneously — multiple video conference feeds of people, other video, design work and photographs, intricate reports, chat boxes, and much more. Not only does everything need to be presented in the new 21:9 screen format, but also depicted with the same clarity and richness as the original content. The LK935 is the first 21:9 projector at this price point to offer extreme pixel density and accuracy so that all content — hair color, skin tones, and other critical details — appear as they should. Until now, businesses had to invest $20,000 in a projector capable of delivering this level of quality. The LK935 is now available for less than $4,500.”

Built for Widescreen Use With Varied Content Needs
As the move toward 21:9 becomes the defining standard for achieving equitable, productive meetings, BenQ brings the company’s years of leadership in ultrawide display technology to the LK935 4K UHD widescreen laser projector. It doesn’t simply fill the screen but enhances teamwork and collaboration with the high-quality reproduction and super high pixel density that meeting applications using the 21:9 format demand, such as Teams Front Row. While most business WUXGA projectors are designed only to replicate one content format at a time, such as text, the LK935 21:9 projector can reproduce many forms of content simultaneously — text, video, images, graphs, and more — and in the best quality. This ensures that every piece of content is easily comprehended.

Projecting Mobile Device Quality
Attendees need larger images for clarity and to help create the feeling of an in-person meeting feel, which the 21:9 format provides. However, the risk is that information on a large screen will be pixelated or unreadable with a standard business projector. This demands greater pixel density, which is the number of pixels per inch that yields the overall resolution. The LK935 is the first 21:9 projector in its price range to deliver larger, more pixel-dense content at 1,149 PPI2 — almost four times the pixel density of most WUXGA projectors at 303 PPI2 on a 130″ screen. What viewers see resembles the rich pixel density they enjoy from their mobile devices — the gold standard for high-quality resolution. With the LK935, all content — from small text of chat boxes to facial expressions — are clear and discernable to the entire room.

Color Accuracy Ensures Quality of Information
Whether projecting meeting attendees or color-specific marketing, creative, or scientific content, color accuracy is a critical detail. With the LK935 projector, BenQ leverages its years of expertise in the detail-oriented cinematic, medical, and esports markets to deliver 92% Rec.709 color accuracy. The result is that participants’ skin tone and hair color appear clear and accurate, and other content is depicted as the creator intended. The projector’s Video Conference Mode automatically optimizes the accuracy of skin tone and hair color for a more immersive meeting experience. With HDR support, the LK935 is also able to read and display content with HDR metadata, projecting video with accurate secondary colors and high pixel density that is as close as possible to the original.

Designed for Installation Flexibility
In order to attain the perfect image in any room, BenQ has equipped all its projectors with tools that make installation and setup quick and easy. The LK935 features a big 1.6x zoom to allow installers to replace outdated projectors without repositioning existing ceiling mounts, vertical/horizontal lens shift to move the image up and down, and 3D keystone correction range of up to ±40° on both the horizontal and vertical axes.

Long-lasting Performance, Zero Maintenance
Like all BenQ projectors in its laser family, the LK935 eliminates the hassle and cost of installing replacement lamps. It features a long-lasting 20,000-hour laser light source life that ensures no risk of the image yellowing over time. It’s robust enough to support 24/7 applications with no usage or warranty restrictions. It also has an IP5X-rated, sealed DustGuardTM laser engine that is dustproof and eliminates the need for ineffective filters. The result is a long-lasting projector where organizations don’t have to spend money on labor and maintenance, achieving a much greater ROI.

High System Integration and Compatibility
The LK935 is HDBaseT compatible, transmitting video, audio, RS-232, and LAN control signals from multiple sources such as PCs, laptops, document cameras, and DVD/Blu-ray players using a single RJ-45 cable. For convenient system integration into corporate network infrastructures, it is compatible with leading projector control systems, such as Extron, Crestron, and PJ-Link. It also comes with BenQ’s DMS to remotely oversee and monitor an organization’s fleet of projectors, including those from other companies, with ease.


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