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Quantum Media Systems Breaks New Ground in LED Display Market with Video Wall Customized for Home Cinema

Quantum Media Systems, with over 20 years of experience, specializes in creating stunning image displays and enhancing 4K, 8K, and 16K technologies for various settings.

Quantum Media Systems’ Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall is designed for residential use, offering versatile applications such as large-format home cinema, digital art, gaming, sports viewing, and videoconferencing.

Built for the unique requirements of residential viewing environments, Quantum’s Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall Offers integrators several design and performance advantages over other large-format imaging options.

While most video walls have been engineered and designed for digital signage applications in commercial environments, the Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall from Quantum Media Systems offers systems integrators a video wall purpose-built for residential purposes. Quantum factored all variables of residential settings (lighting, audience engagement, aesthetics) in the design, engineering, and manufacture of the XDR, resulting in a video wall that excels in large-format home cinema applications, as well as a canvas for digital art, screen for gaming and multi-window sports viewing and videoconferencing.

Quantum demonstrates the exceptional imaging performance and versatility of the XDR during several appointment-only showings at a custom 60-seat theater in Room #207. During these scheduled theater presentations throughout CEDIA Expo, notable industry experts will demo a variety of content on a custom 18-foot-wide XDR display, highlighting key features and third-party integration partners that differentiate the XDR from digital signage. For example, the XDR has built-in technology to integrate with third-party control systems for synchronous operation with media servers, lights and other devices. Attendees can experience how this capability and others enable the XDR to function like no other LED video wall ever created for the residential AV industry.

Quantum Media Systems Disrupts Home Cinema Market with Residential-Focused LED Video Wall

Video walls may be all the rage in commercial applications, but they’re quickly gaining ground as a premier large-format viewing option in home cinemas, thanks in part to a revolutionary LED display purpose-built by Quantum Media Systems for residential applications. Vastly different than conventional LED video walls used for digital signage, the XDR LED Video Wall offers several distinct advantages that simplify design, configuration and installation for systems integrators and enhance viewing enjoyment for end-users.

The LED Wall has been optimized for the presentation of content typically consumed by homeowners: 4K High Dynamic Range movies and streaming video, fast-action video games and high-res digital art. Additionally, a built-in processor enables it to display multi-window sports broadcasts and videoconferencing sessions. Based on the content chosen, the LED Wall automatically switches to the most appropriate format, be it 2.39:1 Cinemascope, 16:9 Widescreen, or another format. The LED Wall is also highly customizable and integrates with leading control systems—important features when adapting an LED display to the unique

requirements of diverse residential applications. Quantum Media Systems simplifies this part of the process by handling 100% of the design, installation, calibration, and commissioning of the LED Wall. Systems are rest assured of optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Quantum Media Systems Demonstrates Flexibility and Performance of XDR Video Wall in 60-Seat Theater

Attendees of CEDIA Expo 2023 have a unique opportunity to witness the performance and design advantages of an LED video wall over other imaging solutions while relaxing in a high-end home theater setting. Quantum Media Systems, the developer of the award-winning XDR LED Video Wall, demonstrates to show-goers how this uniquely designed and engineered LED display has been optimized to excel in residential environments—unlike most LED displays that cater to the commercial market.

Quantum will present a variety of content on the 18-foot-wide display, showcasing its support of home cinema applications, as well as fast-action gaming, digital art, and multi-window sports and videoconference viewing. The XDR LED Video Wall takes center stage in Room #207. The meeting space will be completely transformed into a high-end cinema, complete with a full surround-sound system, acoustical treatments, media servers, and an integrated control system. In addition to the XDR’s versatile and impeccable imaging performance, also demonstrated will be its seamless handshake with a variety of tech devices and systems from third-party manufacturers.


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