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Ashly Audio Announces 3rd-Party Support for FX Series Amplifier

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Ashly Audio, a division of Exertis | JAM, specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality signal processing equipment and power amplification for commercial and professional audio markets.

Ashly Audio has released 3rd-party support files for its FX Series Networked Amplifiers, which have been widely used in various control systems and speakers installations.

Ashly Audio has released 3rd-party support files for its FX Series Networked Amplifiers, offering easy integration with popular systems, optimized speaker management, increased usability and value, and a customer-centric focus, ensuring the amplifiers’ potential is maximized across various audio installations.

About one year ago, Ashly Audio introduced the FX Series Networked Amplifiers to resounding approval. The great success of the FX Series has led many of our customers to use them in installations involving a range of control systems and speakers by several manufacturers. In response, Ashly Audio is excited to announce its release of 3rd-party support files for the FX Series.

By design, two of the strongest features of the FX series are its access to control via Ethernet, and its powerful DSP tools, specifically those related to speaker management. In order to take full advantage of these features and to further support our customer’s projects, we have released a library of control drivers, enabling the FX Series amplifiers to easily integrate with products from Control4, Crestron, STI and others.

In addition, we are also making available a library of speaker preset files for a range of speaker manufacturers. This includes models by JBL, Community, MSE, Bose and many more. These files may be loaded into the FX’s internal Speaker Library and assigned to any output. The user may select one or more depending on the type of speakers used.

All files are downloadable for free at www.ashly.com/FX

Now, in addition to the Ashly General Control API and Speaker files introduced for Ashly speaker models, we have now made a broader range of options available to our customers, increasing FX amplifier’s usability and value and making it the smart choice for all their project needs.



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