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Brand-new ATEN Video Wall Processor Series Wins Good Design Award 2023

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ATEN International, established in 1979, is a leading provider of KVM and AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, with 650+ international patents and a global R&D team.

ATEN International’s video wall processors have won the Good Design Award, showcasing their modular solution for real-time situational awareness in critical environments, ensuring efficient decision-making processes.

The ATEN video wall processor series enhances performance with scalability and flexibility, accommodating up to 36 input sources and 20 output displays. Its redundancy design ensures high reliability, making it ideal for mission-critical environments. It integrates with 4K HDMI and streaming decoder cards, promoting remote visualization control.

ATEN International, a leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, announced today that its brand-new series of video wall processors has won the Good Design Award, one of the world’s most prestigious product design accolades. The ATEN video wall processor series is a modular solution designed for optimal real-time situational awareness. Harnessing a cutting-edge multi-view capability, the processor supports and seamlessly rotates up to 16 distinct views, offering secure and reliable all-round monitoring, which ensures that every corner remains in focus and unwavering attention to every detail. This flagship video wall processor epitomizes the nexus of technology and utility, facilitating an intelligent workspace that empowers users with timely information. Specifically engineered for critical environments including control rooms, transportation hubs, disaster response centers, and war rooms, the ATEN video wall processor series ensures unparalleled situational insight, fostering prompt and well-informed decision-making processes.

The ATEN video wall processor series notably improves performance with its scalability and flexibility, accommodating up to 36 input sources and 20 output displays. In terms of scalability, its redundancy design in both the CPU control board and power module guarantees high reliability. This is particularly crucial in mission-critical environments, playing a pivotal role in elevating the safety and trustworthiness of public transportation systems. Additionally, this series is designed to seamlessly integrate with a diverse array of source types across various interfaces, encompassing the 4K HDMI card and streaming decoder card. It also champions remote visualization control, empowering commanders to make swift decisions and efficiently allocate resources by centralizing all pertinent information on a single interface.

“ATEN has won three international design awards in succession in 2023, including the iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, and Good Design Award,” says Nicholas Lin, Senior Vice President of ATEN.  “The privilege of being bestowed this esteemed recognition attests to our enduring commitment to satisfying consumer demands, addressing pain points, and the fruitful results of our relentless pursuit of innovation.”

“Over the years, our team has meticulously crafted and continually introduced groundbreaking functionalities and adaptations for ever-changing scenarios. The ATEN video wall processor, which received the Good Design Award, is the flagship solution in Pro AV product line. Its exceptional multi-view real-time monitoring capability is particularly suitable for critical tasks such as public transportation systems. It ensures 24/7 system availability and the transparency of AV information, enhancing the safety and reliability of the environment, and assisting commanding officer in making crucial decision.” says Nicholas Lin.

Established in 1957, the Good Design Award is globally recognized by its ‘G-Mark’, emblematic of excellence in design across various fields such as industrial products, architecture, software, systems, and services. The 2023 judging committee praised ATEN’s latest innovation with the following statement:“The ATEN Video Wall Processor series features a clear color scheme, a layout with outstanding instant readability, and intuitive and easy-to-understand graphics such as icons, that are all optimized for traffic control, safety, and disaster response in public transportation. The combination of this UI/UX design with a rational hardware design that eliminates waste using an aluminum alloy body accurately represents its high functionality as a system service product, considering safety and efficiency. ”

Good Design Award 2023 winner- ATEN Video Wall Processor Series

  1. Modular design video wall processor with support for up to 36 input sources and 20 output displays.
  2. True 4K video wall processor that processessources up to 4K60 4:4:4.
  3. Redundancy design in CPU control board & power module to prevent failure provides high reliability in mission-critical environments.
  4. Enhances the safety of transit systems by ensuring 24/7 availability of essential systems.
  5. Support for up to 16 distinct multi-view and restriction-free windowing allows windows overlapping, picture-by-picture, and picture-in-picture.



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