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Jetbuilt Simplifies Operational Workflows with Solutions360 Integration

Jetbuilt is a web-based project software designed for AV, IT, Security, and Structured Cabling professionals, offering features like product database, dealer pricing integration, team collaboration, and file sharing.

Jetbuilt, an AV project sales software, has partnered with Solutions360 to streamline operations by allowing users to import proposals into Solutions360’s Q360 platform.

Jetbuilt and Q360 have partnered to enhance business workflow, bridging silos, promoting communication, and reducing traditional pain points by integrating stakeholders, planning, and providing detailed metrics.

Jetbuilt, the global leader in AV project sales and management software, announces an integration with Solutions360, an enterprise resource planning software provider. Jetbuilt has collaborated with Solutions360 to streamline day-to-day operations by allowing users to import their Jetbuilt proposals into Solutions360’s Q360 platform to efficiently forecast and convert sales opportunities to sales orders and on to projects.

Jetbuilt provides integrators with an easy-to-use, feature-rich platform to build complex, professional proposals in hours rather than days, from the flexibility of a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Once a quote is completed, users can transfer their quote information – seamlessly – to Q360 to include the quote details into the many moving parts for forecasting their business. By integrating with Q360, Jetbuilt users can track goods and services, manage personnel and analyze project metrics. Jetbuilt’s latest automated integration offers more convenience to systems integrators by expediting day-to-day business tasks between closing a sale and completing a project while delivering additional data to drive efficiency and profitability.

“Together, Jetbuilt and Q360 create a seamless workflow for managing business tasks between closing a sale and completing a project,” said Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “Our integration with Solutions360 is part of our continued investment to foster better communication and collaboration by bridging the silos. Together, Jetbuilt and Q360 empower internal cooperation by providing stakeholders with the information required to operate a business efficiently while giving everyone in the organization visibility into their contributions to the company’s day-to-day operations. We are excited to offer our valued users another layer of integration to empower them to accelerate their businesses through every step of the project lifecycle.”

Q360 enables users to efficiently plan and coordinate the delivery of goods and services to clients, assist systems integrators with organizing and managing personnel responsible for delivering projects on time and provide detailed metrics for basic business processes to drive efficiency for future projects. Together, Jetbuilt and Q360 provide technology integration companies with a complete, seamless solution to manage unique aspects of their business, while eliminating disconnected systems operations and traditional pain points for managing systems and information.

“We are pleased to announce this new integration of Jetbuilt with Q360’s functionality.,” said Mack Graham, strategic marketing specialist for Solutions360. “We’re confident this collaboration will greatly benefit our collective customer base, empowering them to streamline the flow of quotes and proposals from Jetbuilt to Q360.”

Jetbuilt has established a strong reputation by eliminating unnecessary hours and resources on budgeting, presenting and closing projects. Jetbuilt’s integration with Q360 reiterates the company’s commitment to delivering new enhancements, including software integrations, to eliminate the silos of isolation, whether internal or external, to empower professionals to communicate and collaborate for the project’s good.


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