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Samsung and STS EDUCATION Partner to Inspire Collaborative Classroom Learning

STS EDUCATION, a technology solutions company, offers K-12 schools affordable technology solutions, backed by legendary customer service and a lifetime parts warranty.

Samsung Electronics America partners with STS EDUCATION to supply Samsung Interactive Displays to schools, offering installation, maintenance, and access to Samsung’s professional development resources.

STS EDUCATION will supply Samsung Interactive Displays to a California public school district, offering installation services and ongoing support. The partnership aims to enhance classroom experiences for students and educators, with Samsung providing professional development courses and Learn.EC resources for educators.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., an industry leader in the global display market, announced today its partnership with STS EDUCATION, a respected education technology solutions provider, to supply Samsung Interactive Displays to schools looking to energize classroom learning. Through the partnership, schools that order Samsung Interactive Displays will receive installation and ongoing maintenance services from STS EDUCATION and access to Samsung’s professional development resources.

Launched at the 2023 ISTELive conference, the Samsung Interactive Display (model name: WAC) is an all-in-one collaboration hub that fosters classroom engagement and hands-on, active learning. Available in 65-, 75- and 86-inch models, the Interactive Display is built on the Android OS to provide intuitive usability for educators, enabling them to integrate the display with their lesson plans and favorite instructional tools right out of the box. Educators and students can wirelessly connect their own devices to the board and share and interact with content in real time. To further enhance classroom interactivity, a multi-touch feature allows up to 20 users to simultaneously write and draw on the board with a specially designed pen or their fingers.

“A national poll from Gradient Learning found that 80 percent of educators are concerned about their students’ engagement levels in the classroom,” said James Fishler, Senior Vice President, Display & Home Entertainment Divisions, Samsung Electronics America. “As a result, educators and academic leaders are working tirelessly to address this critical challenge. Forward-thinking districts realize that the old-school practices like traditional lectures don’t resonate with today’s learners and are instead embracing new-age solutions, including the Samsung Interactive Display, which promote active participation among students, helping to draw their attention to lessons, boost their knowledge retention and ultimately reach their full potential.”

STS EDUCATION will first supply Samsung Interactive Displays to a major metropolitan public school district in California. For every school’s order of Samsung Interactive Displays, STS EDUCATION will provide installation services to facilitate the easy integration of the displays into each classroom. STS EDUCATION will offer ongoing support and maintenance services as part of a five-year product warranty to ensure the displays continue to enable the seamless flow of lesson delivery and collaborative learning.

“Samsung and STS EDUCATION share a commitment to enhancing classroom experiences for both students and educators,” said Marc Netka, CEO and Founder, STS EDUCATION. “Our partnership enables us to meet this goal by providing schools with the most innovative technology solutions available and equipping students for success in the digital age.”

To help educators unlock the full potential of their Interactive Displays, Samsung provides customized in-person or virtual workshops based on a catalog of 60+ professional development courses that cover strategies for improving classroom management, accessibility, student collaboration, digital citizenship and more. Each workshop will be led by the Samsung Education Coach team, a cohort of former teachers, published instructional design experts and certified Google Educators and Innovators. STS EDUCATION offers additional resources for educators through Learn.EC, which allows school districts to consolidate their professional development initiatives, from new technology and curriculum to compliance for teachers and supporting staff. Learn.EC delivers anytime, anywhere access to personalized micro-courses, activity-based learning with feedback, digital badging, live training and reporting.

Continuing its investment in student ingenuity and innovation, Samsung is celebrating the 14th year of its Solve For Tomorrow competition. Since 2010, Solve For Tomorrow has asked teacher-led student teams to harness Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to create innovative solutions to critical issues impacting their communities. The competition provides students a chance to win $100,000 in Samsung products and classroom materials for their school. To date, Samsung has awarded $25 million in technology and classroom supplies to more than 3,500 public schools across the United States.


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