Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Crestron Announces Automate VX Feature Updates at Microsoft Ignite

Crestron develops technology for various work environments, enhancing communication and collaboration through cloud-based platforms, devices, and systems, promoting faster, better, and more productive work.

Crestron Electronics, a workplace collaboration technology, has introduced new intelligence features to enhance the framing of its Automate VX voice-activated speaker-tracking solution.

Crestron Electronics introduces facial and torso detection intelligence to improve the Automate VX voice-activated speaker-tracking solution, enhancing framing and ensuring equitable meeting experiences for both in-office and remote participants.

Crestron Electronics, a global leader in workplace collaboration technology, today announces new intelligence features that will improve the framing for the Automate VX voice-activated speaker-tracking solution.

One of the big challenges for organizations is delivering an equitable experience for the in-office participants engaging with remote users. Recently certified as a Microsoft Teams® Room Device for large and extra-large rooms, Automate VX solves equitable meeting problems by placing multiple optical zoom cameras around the room and employing voice-activated switching that seamlessly moves between speakers for a production-quality meeting experience.

Rooms equipped with Automate VX have historically leveraged tracking to presets and audio pickup to determine which camera picks up which speaker based on their location within the room. This latest update adds facial and torso detection intelligence, allowing the cameras to track body movements and reframe participants based on their position within the frame. If a chair slides to the left or a participant resituates in their seat, Automate VX can pick up on those motions and reframe the participant so they are always centered in the shot.

“While intelligent video solutions and equitable meeting experiences have been top of mind for many organizations the past few years, the market has struggled to find a way to solve for large meeting rooms and multipurpose spaces. Our customers need to replicate the seamless collaboration that has been mastered in the smaller rooms and scale that to their boardrooms and training rooms,” says Crestron Senior Director of Product Marketing, Sam Kennedy. “Automate VX is a true standout among multi-camera solutions for simplifying these challenging spaces and bringing that consistent meeting experience to these highly valuable rooms.”

These Automate VX enhancements will create a better experience for the participants and improve room maintenance for the administrators. For integrators, these updates simplify the installation process by removing some of the preciseness required for setup and replacing that with intelligence that allows for a more adaptable system.



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