Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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Extron PlenumVault Direct View System Now Shipping – The Ideal AV System for Classrooms with Flat Panel Displays

Extron’s audiovisual solutions enhance the experiences with advanced technologies, improved images, sound quality, and reliable systems, while offering asset management tools for efficient management of large audiovisual systems.

Extron has launched its new PlenumVault Direct View System, designed for educational spaces. It offers an intuitive user interface, superior audio and video quality, and advanced audio capabilities, including an integrated amplifier and a built-in control processor.

Extron has launched the PlenumVault Direct View System to provide educational institutions with a comprehensive AV solution tailored for the widespread use of flat panel displays in classrooms, ensuring a superior audiovisual experience, ease of use, and compatibility with modern teaching methods and technologies.

Extron is pleased to announce that its new PlenumVault Direct View System is now shipping. This system is expressly designed to make the most of flat panel displays in educational spaces. Whether your classroom is used for in-person, hybrid, or remote learning, PlenumVault Direct View provides students and instructors with an intuitive user interface and unsurpassed audio and video quality that create superior educational experiences. Advanced audio capabilities include an integrated amplifier, audio input mixing, and line level outputs. The built-in control processor automates AV system functions so instructors can start teaching with AV tools the minute they enter the room.

“With flat panel displays becoming so popular in classroom AV systems, Extron engineered an AV distribution and control system especially suited for these displays,” says Casey Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at Extron. “The PlenumVault Direct View System delivers superior video up to 4K, along with clear and powerful sound that you simply can’t obtain through the speakers built into the flat panel display.”

The PlenumVault Direct View System controls a wide array of AV devices via a range of control ports. Customize the system with a broad choice of options for the user interface, AV signal extension, speakers, mounting hardware, and more. The system supports Extron ShareLink Pro wireless presentation systems, allowing BYOD devices to share content. It also supports Extron’s VoiceLift Pro microphone for instructor voice reinforcement. Flexible mounting choices are available to fit the room design, including the PVM 220 PlenumVault Mounting Kit that securely mounts and conceals system components in the plenum space above a suspended ceiling, or ZipClip 400 for mounting behind the flat panel display.



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