Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Revamping MTR Technology: Kramer’s Panta Rhei Platform and Audio Codes Partnership

Join Tim Albright from AVNation as he delves into the exciting developments showcased by Kramer at ISE 2024. In an exclusive interview, Peter Baxter from Kramer explore Kramer’s cutting-edge offerings, including the revolutionary Panta Rhei platform and their partnership in the MTR space.

Panta Rhei, is the platform that transforms the landscape of AV management. Panta Rhei is your all-encompassing solution, platform-agnostic and capable of managing your entire AV estate across diverse environments. With Panta Rhei, deployment, management, and service become seamless, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

Kramer partners with Audio Codes to offer MTR (Microsoft Teams Rooms) audio-visual solutions, enhancing collaboration and productivity in Microsoft-centric environments.

As AV over IP gains momentum, Kramer emerges as a frontrunner in delivering comprehensive solutions. By seamlessly integrating pro AV with IP technology, Kramer addresses the increasing demand for high availability and serviceability. With an expanding install base and growing acceptance, AV over IP emerges as the definitive choice for forward-thinking enterprises.

Under the leadership of CEO Gilad Yron, Kramer undergoes strategic restructuring to optimize global operations. Establishing three independent regions served by its headquarters in Israel, Kramer centralizes administrative functions to enhance efficiency. From HR to post-sales support, this evolutionary journey ensures a customer-centric approach and unlocks new avenues for growth.

Curious to learn more about Kramer’s innovative solutions? Visit Kramer’s website at
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