Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Transforming Control Room Dynamics: Datapath’s Innovations at ISE 2024

Tim Albright from AVNation catches up with David Griffiths from Datapath at ISE 2024 to discuss the company’s latest innovations in control room technology. Datapath showcases two groundbreaking solutions, Atria and VSN Mini 300, aimed at simplifying control room operations and enhancing operator efficiency.

Atria revolutionizes control room management by simplifying complex processes. Designed to make control room operations seamless, Atria integrates video wall management with operator workstations, creating a unified ecosystem for enhanced situational awareness. By combining personal video walls with large-screen displays and leveraging AV over IP technology, Atria ensures that operators have access to critical information anytime, anywhere. With a focus on simplicity, Atria empowers operators to focus on their tasks without being bogged down by technology.

Datapath introduces VSN Mini 300, a versatile operator workstation solution that prioritizes ease of use. Equipped with onboard graphics and decoder cards, VSN Mini 300 simplifies the collection and display of video streams, whether from AV over IP sources or IP cameras. This compact device doubles as a video wall processor, providing operators with a flexible and adaptable tool for managing visual information. With the VSN Mini 300, DataPath continues its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that optimize control room efficiency.

In addition to hardware innovations, Datapath unveils a new touchscreen interface designed to enhance operator interaction. Featuring intuitive controls and customizable presets, the touchscreen interface simplifies common tasks and reduces reliance on traditional input devices. Whether navigating preset scenarios or using pinch-and-zoom gestures, operators can interact with control room systems effortlessly, even in high-pressure situations.

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