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Absen Unveils Groundbreaking Commercial LED Products at InfoComm 2024

Absen Inc., a US subsidiary of Absen, a company in LED display manufacturing, offers high-quality, innovative solutions for prestigious projects such as sporting venues, casino installations, and digital signage in NYC’s Times Square. With thousands of installations across the USA, Absen Inc. provides turnkey solutions.

Absen Inc. will unveil new LED display products at InfoComm 2024, including Micro LED solutions like Absenicon X Series and KLCOB V2 Series, and commercial displays like Acclaim Series, AW Series, and NX Series, designed for professional environments like corporate settings, control rooms, and outdoor spaces.

Absen Inc. is introducing new products to enhance visual displays in professional and commercial settings. These include Micro LED technologies, interactive touch capabilities, superior color gamuts, and robust outdoor performance. These innovative features cater to modern enterprises, control rooms, and public installations, enhancing visual communication and presentation standards.

Absen Inc., the US subsidiary of Absen, the internationally acclaimed innovator in LED display technology, announces the Absenicon X Series and KLCOB V2 Series, two cutting-edge Micro LED solutions, and the Acclaim Series, AW Series and NX Series, three commercial LED displays, which will debut at InfoComm 2024.

“Absen is ushering a new era of visual displays with the debut of two MicroLED solutions, the Absenicon X Series and KLCOB V2 Series, at InfoComm 2024,” said Trent Slyter, National Sales Director for Absen Inc. “Designed to revolutionize interactivity and elevate user experiences in corporate environments and control rooms, these cutting-edge Micro LED solutions combine exceptional clarity, vibrant colors, and unmatched reliability for the most versatile and demanding environments.”

Absenicon X Series
Available in varying sizes, including 108”, 136”, and 163”, the Absenicon X Series boasts breakthrough Micro LED technology and optional interactive touch capabilities. Tailor-made for professional environments, such as boardrooms, meeting rooms, and showrooms, the Absenicon X Series transforms ordinary presentations into collaborative masterpieces. Equipped with Absen image optimization technologies, the Absenicon X Series enhances clarity and visibility to bring out natural details and vivid colors. Key features of the Absenicon X include an optional widescreen display, full-screen calibration, 90% BT2020 cinematic color gamut, and a remarkable 15000:1 contrast ratio, ensuring a captivating viewing experience for all audiences.

 KLCOB V2 Series
At InfoComm 2024, Absen will debut a 0.7mm pixel pitch display as part of the KLCOB V2 Series. Leveraging Micro LED technology, the KLCOB V2 Series offers exceptional black consistency and a stunning contrast ratio of up to 15000:1, resulting in a breathtaking display effect. The KLCOB V2 Series features high dynamic range, 600 nits brightness, 3840 Hz refresh rate, DCI-P3 cinema-level color gamut and 2FPS low latency. Absen’s integration of Micro LED and HBB common cathode technologies enables the KLCOB V2 Series to remain cool under pressure, providing a seamless and vibrant visual experience. Designed for control rooms, the KLCOB V2 Series’ Micro LED technology offers comprehensive, 360° protection against external impacts, ensuring a robust defense from every angle.

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“From captivating outdoor environments to immersive indoor experiences, our trio of products, the Acclaim Series, AW Series, and NX Series, redefine the possibilities of any visual experience,” said Slyter. “We are excited to unveil the Acclaim Series, AW Series and NX Series, along with our extensive lineup of Micro LED displays, at InfoComm 2024.”

Acclaim V3 Series (A27)
Designed for high-end enterprise and retail applications, the Acclaim V3 Series, now available in 1.2mm pixel pitch, offers pixel pitches ranging up to 2.5mm, catering to diverse visual requirements. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, it ensures optimal visual effects for commonly viewed videos. The Acclaim Series is characterized by its sleek 44.5mm thickness and a weight of 24kg/m2. Equipped with APS technology, the Acclaim Series delivers exceptional energy efficiency, reducing power consumption by up to 30% while maintaining lower surface temperatures.

AW Series
Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in outdoor environments, the AW Series features exquisite picture quality, a fully water-resistant panel, efficient heat dissipation and a thin and light die-casting panel. Boasting a brightness of 4500-5000 nits, a refresh rate of ≥3840 Hz, a 15–16-bit grayscale, and a 3200~3600:1 contrast ratio, the AW Series ensures a mesmerizing visual experience with smooth and delicate pictures, free from any grainy feeling even at close distances.

NX Series
At InfoComm 2024, Absen will debut a 1.2mm pixel pitch display as part of the NX Series, designed to provide ultimate viewing comfort and high-definition display. Featuring a 16:9 golden ratio design, it offers a range of pixel pitches to meet the demands of various applications. With options for normal brightness at 800 nits or high brightness at 1500 nits, plus A5C+ color calibration technology and high grayscale at low brightness, the NX Series ensures superior image quality in any environment. Its distinctive exterior design, incorporating the letter “X” as a symbol of infinite possibilities.



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