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Barix Exstreamer MR400 Expands IP Audio Decoder Offerings at InfoComm 2024

Barix offers reliable solutions for systems integrators and end users worldwide, including background music distribution, public address solutions, and intercom systems, supporting OEM projects for various industries.

Barix is introducing the Exstreamer MR400, an advanced IP audio decoder, and the MultiCoder M400, a versatile hardware encoder, at InfoComm 2024. The MR400 enhances IP audio capabilities by bridging IP technologies with conventional paging systems and supporting Dante networking protocols. The MultiCoder M400 streams audio in multiple formats with low latency, ensuring reliable and secure distribution.

Barix is expanding its product line to address the evolving needs of the IP audio market, providing solutions that integrate modern IP technologies with traditional systems. The Exstreamer MR400 and MultiCoder M400 offer enhanced functionality, interoperability, and reliability, catering to diverse applications in paging, emergency notifications, and secure audio distribution.

More than 20 years ago, when Audio over IP was still in its infancy, IP audio innovator Barix introduced its Exstreamer series of hardware IP audio decoders. At InfoComm 2024, the company expands and improves that product line with the Exstreamer MR400, which acts as a bridge between IP-based technologies and conventional paging systems, speakers or amplifers. The Exstreamer MR400 also represents the latest Dante-enabled Barix device, offering three distinct modes for interoperability with Dante networks.

Building on the features of the well-established Exstreamer M400 and on Barix’s programmable IPAC firmware, the MR400 hardware device strengthens its LAN/WAN network interface capabilities. It includes a relay output as well as a 1-Watt line/speaker output for 8-ohm systems, which is activated via audio presence or REST API. The relay can control auxiliary devices and activate amplifiers based on audio presence or through a simple REST API, and the device architecture includes five priority stream layers for audio management. The MR400 also retains the advanced buffering technology, internal audio file storage and externally triggered playback of the Exstreamer M400.

The latest Dante-capable device from Barix, the MR400 offers three distinct modes: Dante as a source, for streaming Dante audio to an analog input; Dante forwarding, which streams the main audio output into a Dante system, and Dante as an input to feed a SIP client. Beyond SIP and IP paging/notification systems, the MR400 integrates with InformaCast and other mass emergency notification systems, so it can be used for emergency-triggered message playout in safety and security installations.

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“The Exstreamer MR400 demonstrates Barix’s commitment to leadership in the IP audio space and our ability to deliver new products that address the changing needs of our customers,” said Reto Brader, CEO, Barix. “The relay is a great new feature that makes it possible to activate amplifiers, transmitters and even lights based on audio presence. We’ve also included the ability to integrate with Dante networking protocols and mass emergency notification systems like InformaCast, so our customers can adopt modern solutions for their traditional paging systems.”

InfoComm 2024 will also host the North American debut of the MultiCoder M400. Ideal for organizations that need to reliably and securely serve multiple receiving platforms, this hardware encoder sends audio streams in four different formats: OPUS, AAC+, PCM and 320KB mp3. Integrated Barix firmware eliminates all stream buffering within the MultiCoder M400, which allows users to send multiple audio RTP/BRTP streams to receivers without delay.

The InfoComm 2024 show floor is open June 12-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and Barix exhibits at Booth C5069.



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