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8K Association Brings 8K Content Ecosystem Experts to CEDIA Expo Smart Stage Session

Emerald’s team expands customers’ businesses through connections, content, and commerce, driving new opportunities, product discovery, and industry development. They integrate digital platforms and support local communities. The 8K Association is a non-profit organization promoting the 8K ecosystem, educating and promoting its creation, distribution, and consumption, and establishing Work Groups for information dissemination.

CEDIA Expo 2024 has announced an expanded partnership with the 8K Association, aiming to provide comprehensive education and promotion of 8K technology. This includes discussions on the future impact of 8K content, products, and services, particularly within the custom installation industry. The 8K Association will host a special session, content demonstrations, and release a white paper on the 8K experience.

The partnership aims to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of industry professionals in the custom installation sector regarding 8K technology. By doing so, it seeks to foster industry-wide adoption, leveraging the growing importance and potential growth opportunities of 8K technology in home entertainment and beyond.

CEDIA Expo, the platform where residential technology integration, designers and construction professionals connect, learn and engage, announces an expanded partnership with the 8K Association as a supporting organization during CEDIA Expo 2024. This partnership aims to deliver relevant and insightful information on several 8K technology-related topics, including the significant role that 8K native, computer-generated, and upconverted content is destined to play in the future of home entertainment.

Dedicated to educating, promoting and advancing the rapidly evolving 8K ecosystem, the 8K Association is committed to fostering industry-wide adoption of 8K content, products and services across various sectors, from content creation and production to distribution and consumer consumption. At CEDIA Expo 2024, the 8K Association will take center stage, engaging with integrators, manufacturers, distributors and buying groups on the growing importance of 8K within the custom installation industry. According to CE Pro, the custom installation community anticipated that nearly half (48.8%) of its growth in 2022 would be derived from audio and video-related applications and over 60% in 2023. As a result, 8K televisions, projectors and entertainment content present a key growth opportunity for the custom installation channel.

“We are excited to announce an expanded partnership with the 8K Association to elevate educational programming for attendees,” said Jason McGraw, CTS, group vice president for Emerald. “Through collaborative efforts and shared expertise, CEDIA Expo and the 8K Association aim to empower industry professionals to embrace the possibilities of 8K technology and accelerate future business opportunities for custom installation integrators, manufacturers, distributors and buying groups.”

“While 8K technology is not new, its full potential has yet to be fully realized due to a lack of compatible content and distribution platforms,” said Juan Reyes, director of operations for the 8K Association. “However, the production community is now aggressively embracing 8K and recognizing its transformative capabilities. By joining forces with CEDIA Expo, we can engage industry professionals and provide them the knowledge and resources they need to navigate this evolving landscape.”

To support this initiative, the 8K Association is sponsoring a special session on the CEDIA Expo Smart Stage from 11:30am to 12:00pm on Thursday, September 5, 2024, that will feature many leading content creation executives. Additionally, the 8K Association will host a series of 8K content demonstrations throughout CEDIA Expo and CIX in their booth (#C919) and distribute a new detailed white paper about the 8K experience. Further details concerning 8K at CEDIA Expo and CIX, including other related events, are expected to be announced shortly.

CEDIA Expo 2024, co-located with Commercial Integrator Expo 2024, will take place September 4–7, 2024, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO. Individuals interested in attending CEDIA Expo can register online. Non-CEDIA members should register before June 8, 2024, to receive Innovator Rate prices for show floor and training passes.



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