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Palmer Digital Group Moves into Larger Office Space to Accommodate Business Growth

Palmer Digital Group specializes in custom digital kiosks, display enclosures, and menu boards, with installation capabilities, handling high voltage and low voltage, and necessary concrete work.

Palmer Digital Group (PDG) has moved into a new 2500 square-foot office space to accommodate rapid business growth over its first five years. The move allows PDG to add new equipment like a laser machine and robot welder and supports expanding their workforce.

The expansion is driven by PDG’s consistent year-on-year growth of 40-50% since 2019 and the increasing demand for their digital kiosks and menu boards in both the retail and restaurant industries. The new space and equipment will help accelerate manufacturing processes and accommodate the growing business and workforce needs.

Palmer Digital Group, a full-service supplier and installer of indoor and outdoor digital kiosks, drive-thru digital menu boards and canopy systems, has moved into a new 2500 square-foot office space to accommodate the company’s rapid business growth over its first five years. The new space was redesigned from the ground up as an extension of the existing facility, with PDG’s previous office space vacated and returned to Palmer Digital Group’s parent company, Industrial Enclosure Corporation (IEC), for other business functions related to its electronics enclosure manufacturing operation.

Palmer Digital Group (PDG) worked with outside architects and contractors to design and prepare the new workspace, which includes four offices, five cubical spaces, one large meeting room and a cafeteria. The space was previously a storage space for an outside company, and PDG brought in various teams to raise walls, add flooring and run electrical among other needs to support business operations. PDG has retained the existing workshop and warehouse space where its digital menu boards, kiosks and other indoor/outdoor structures are designed and built, adding a new laser machine and robot welder to accelerate the manufacturing process.

The new space will remain the headquarters to all business functions including sales, finance and manufacturing, with plenty of room to accommodate new employees as jobs are created. That includes new engineering and high-level customer service positions that PDG are actively seeking to fill.

IEC and PDG founder John Palmer purchased the building that today houses both companies in 1976 ten years after the building’s first tenant, Aurora Pump, vacated the premises in 1966 following a 47-year tenancy. Palmer launched PDG in late 2018 with assistance from PDG Vice President Chuck Lewis, who approached Palmer to discuss what he saw as an emerging business need in the retail and restaurant industry. Based on the company’s success to date, it appears Lewis was onto something.

“Palmer Digital Group has seen year-on-year growth of 40-to-50 percent since 2019, and there are no signs of slowing down,” said Lewis. “That kind of growth creates the need to bring more skilled labor into the company to support our business and technical operations. Our QSR business has been very strong in our first several years and we continue to win major digital menu board projects that include our turnkey structures and installation services. What’s perhaps more exciting is that the retail side of our business is beginning to take off, which means we see growing interest in our indoor and outdoor touchscreen kiosk solutions.”

The new laser machine and robot welder will also be instrumental to that growth, according to Lewis. “The new laser machine will operate on a 24/7 basis, and will be functioning at night to accommodate tasks that can be automated,” he said. “The robot welder will be used to weld pedestals and vertical seams found on our digital menu board structures, and will complete jobs twice as fast.”

Palmer Digital Group’s business and manufacturing operations are located at 619 N Loucks Street in Aurora, Illinois.



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