Friday, April 19, 2024


Seamless Integration: Dante’s Compatibility with Existing Management Platforms for Enhanced User Experience

In a dynamic exchange at ISE 2024, Tim Albright of AVNation engaged in an insightful discussion with Will Waters on the latest developments in AV technology, particularly focusing on Dante as a pioneering platform.

Shure’s Cloud Platform: Taking Control of Your Audio Devices Like Never Before

AVNation's Tim Albright caught up with Chris Merrick from Shure at ISE 2024, where Shure showcased new announcements, including their latest microphone technologies and innovative software solutions.

Empowering the AV Industry: PSNI Unveils the Revolutionary Global Service and Support Platform

AVNation's Tim Albright caught up with Steve Riley from PSNI Global Alliance, where new announcements were made regarding the launch of the PSNI Global Service and Support platform. This platform marks a significant milestone in the AV industry, offering a comprehensive package deal that combines technical monitoring with expert personnel and processes.

Transforming Control Room Dynamics: Datapath’s Innovations at ISE 2024

Tim Albright from AVNation catches up with David Griffiths from Datapath at ISE 2024 to discuss the company's latest innovations in control room technology. Datapath showcases two groundbreaking solutions, Atria and VSN Mini 300, aimed at simplifying control room operations and enhancing operator efficiency.

Revamping MTR Technology: Kramer’s Panta Rhei Platform and Audio Codes Partnership

Join Tim Albright from AVNation as he delves into the exciting developments showcased by Kramer at ISE 2024. In an exclusive interview, Peter Baxter from Kramer explore Kramer's cutting-edge offerings, including the revolutionary Panta Rhei platform and their partnership in the MTR space.

Half the Size, Double the Power: LEA Professional’s Award-Winning Amp Now Available!

Scott Robbins, representing LEA Professional, showcased the latest addition to their Connect series, which promises to redefine audio amplification with its advanced features and compact design.

Simplifying Sound Management: RenkusHeinz’s Omni Beam Software in Action

Join us for an insightful conversation with Brandon Heinz from RenkusHeinz at ISE 2024! Sit back as we delve into the innovative Omni Beam software and its impact on user experience in the AV industry.

The Power of Versatility: Holoplot’s Immersive Sphere Experience

Holoplot showcased its latest advancements in immersive sound technology at ISE 2024, redefining the way audiences engage with AV content. During our recent visit to ISE 2024, we had the privilege of exploring the Holoplot booth alongside Ryan Penny, where we delved into the Holoplot The X2 speaker line.

Neat 50: Revolutionizing Hybrid Workspaces at ISE 2024

AVNation's Tim Albright caught up with Graham Walsh from Neat at their booth to explore their latest offerings. Positioned in front of the Neat 50, Rah highlighted its innovative design and adaptability for hybrid working environments.

Experience the Future of Visual Technology with PPDS Direct View LED Video Wall Displays

AVNation's Tim Albright chat with Bruce Wyrwitzke from PPDS to delve into the latest innovations showcased at the ISE 2024 event. Positioned in front of PPDS' cutting-edge direct view LED video wall displays, Bruce sheds light on the unique value proposition that PPDS offers to customers.


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How Dante AV Networked Video Elevates the Visual Experience for Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church utilizes Yamaha Dante technology for efficient audio and video distribution, enhancing their worship experience and scalability.


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