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AVNation Special: SCN The Nine 2020 Part 2

Part Of The Puzzle

Every year, SCN and AV Network have been looking within the industry for the most outstanding people working in AV. They are the ones who are working towards a brighter future through forward thinking and innovative solutions. But rather than try and get nine people together in one place, we’ve broken it up into three sections.

Maura Quinn is experienced in creative works like writing music and playing guitar, and brings that sense of creativity to the AV space. Through TierPM, she manages marketing strategies, content creation, social media and more. Through work in groups like the AVIXA Womens’ Council she has built partnerships and bonds including her manager, Marika Aquino.

Tammuz Dubnov is an experienced technologist and CEO of his own company Zuzor, offering a software platform for users to bring experiential content to digital displays. With his background in dance, he utilizes AV to expand choreography and AV into one synchronized experience.

Jarrod Hillman founded his own firm Hillman Audio Video in 2014. after finding himself in the AV industry through staging and rental companies. They have since been named a 2014 New Business Venture finalist and 2015 Young Entrepreneur finalist in the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce Paragon Awards, as well as NSCA’s Randy Vaughan Founders Award in 2017 and its Excellence in Business for Talent Development in 2020.


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