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AVWeek 638: ESG in AV

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For Want Of A Nail

You can dress however you want, unless you’re in public. But even if you’re out and about, you can listen to the latest news and stories from the AV industry! Joining us this week is AV expert Willie Franklin, EVP of Global Sales for Mersive Joel Carroll & Support Analyst at the University of Southern California Adaline Tatum.

Extron CEO Brian Taraci says that they are back on track in the wake of supply chain issues that arose during the latter half of the pandemic. While companies are ‘out of the woods’ to these woes, how do we as an industry takes steps to prevent something like this down the line? Discussing the impact of the supply chain on manufacturers and how to address those disruptions before they become too much to handle.

Swedish apparel brand ASKET has a new receipt that not only shows the monetary value of their customers’ purchase but also the carbon emissions, water and energy usage of those products. How does this relate to AV? We have seen manufacturers focused on the environmental impact of AV equipment, and ways to reduce that carbon footprint. Would this kind of transparency benefit those who make AV solutions? Looking at sustainable practices in AV technology.

We have a piece from our own guest Adaline Tatum writing on our website about encouraging diversity and inclusion within AV spaces. Diversity in AV and many technology verticals is a complex challenge with no easy solution. How can companies foster diversity in both the AV and IT fields and provide support to be a more inclusive industry?

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